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Found 209 Religion tutors in Chicago, IL

Michael Fisher

1.8 miles away

Archaeologist and Historian PhD from the University of Chicago

I recently received my doctorate from the University of Chicago in archaeology and I have a Bachelor's Degree in history from the University of Notre Dame. I have a handful of teaching and tutoring experience that includes elementary school... See more

Tara Fairty

4.3 miles away

Elementary Teacher and Tutor with 8+ years experience in education

Teaching has been a passion of mine for many years. It has taken me from Chicago to the Himalayas. My own educational journey has caused me to strive to help each student unlock their own potential by finding the best practice method that

  • ... Moody Bible Institute
  • subject Religion + 6 more
Samantha Yanity

3.3 miles away

English (and more!) tutor with 5+ years experience

I am finishing up my 2nd round of graduate school- earning a dual masters degree ( Masters in Divinity and Masters of Arts in Social Justice). I can teach/tutor individuals in theology, philosophy, doctrine as well as justice issues ( race,... See more

  • ... Loyola University of Chicago
  • subject Religion + 14 more
Future Doctor - 5 years tutoring experience

Hey guys my name is Stephane Jean-Louis originally from Boston but currently living in Chicago. I started off my education pursuing a career in business and as the years went on I changed focus and currently a medical student. I'm fluent in... See more

Thomas Mcinerney

2.2 miles away

NEIU Psychology Student, 1+ years tutoring

I have over a decade of experience with teaching and mentoring children and adults, including 2 years in a supervisory position in the military. I am currently a college senior, with over a year as a Peer Leader/ Tutor for students at my un... See more

  • ... Northeastern Illinois University
  • subject Religion + 44 more
Joseph Liang

3 miles away

Chemical Engineer, fully certified teacher in IL

I have a bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering, a master's in Theology and Philosophy, and a master's degree in education. I am certified in IL to teach Mandarin Chinese and science. I have a broad knowledge of Chinese art and language... See more

Russell Davis

1.8 miles away

Russell O. Davis

I am interested in sharing my personal, professional and academic experiences with others to help push them forward and to find and develop their gifts and goals and increase in learning.

  • ... Rutgers, The State University of...
  • subject Religion + 38 more
Omar N.

2.9 miles away

Humanities & Social Sciences Tutor (Psychology, English, Law, ESL)

Humanities and social sciences tutor: I've guided student inquiry on a range of disciplines at all grade levels. Subjects include: English, Law, Psychology, Healthcare, History, Philosophy, Literature, Economics, Linguistics, Finance, and m... See more

  • ... California State University - Fu...
  • subject Religion + 38 more
  • in a day or more
Jerome Wills

3.8 miles away

Substitute Teacher / Master Tutor / Mentor

My name is Jerome Wills, I am currently a substitute teacher & master tutor/mentor in both Chicago public & urban school districts for over 18 years. I enjoy working with school age children in elementary, middle & high schools, couple wit... See more

  • ... Northeastern Illinois University
  • subject Religion + 69 more
  • in a day or more
finishing a second masters degree w/ years of educating experience

Hi! I have a bachelors degree in Religious Studies from Regent University and a masters degree from Liberty University where I studied Theological Studies and received a master teaching certificate in Secondary Education. Currently, I am wo... See more

  • ... Regent University
  • subject Religion + 16 more
  • in 13 hours
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