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Found 300 English tutors in Chicago, IL

Grace Bolander

3.9 miles away

University of Chicago Honors Graduate Specializing in Writing

I have a bachelor's from the University of Chicago and years of experience tutoring students of all ages. My specialty is helping students with their writing, including academic essays, research papers, and college application essays. I hav... See more

  • ... University of Chicago
  • subject English (K-8) + 10 more
Linda Chambers

3.4 miles away

Communication Training Professional

I am a Chicago-based resident with more than 30 years of teaching experience in higher education. I hold a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Communication from the University of Illinois at Chicago and a TESOL Post-Graduate Certification f... See more

  • ... Northwestern State University of...
  • subject ESL/ESOL + 5 more
Evan Kurland

3 miles away

University of Illinois Journalism/History Graduate

I have a Bachelors degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in Journalism with a History Minor. My tutoring experience dates back to my time in High School when I would help my friends and classmates who were struggling wi... See more

  • ... University of Illinois at Urbana...
  • subject ACT Writing + 10 more
Tara Fairty

4.4 miles away

Elementary Teacher and Tutor with 8+ years experience in education

Teaching has been a passion of mine for many years. It has taken me from Chicago to the Himalayas. My own educational journey has caused me to strive to help each student unlock their own potential by finding the best practice method that

  • ... Moody Bible Institute
  • subject Elementary Math + 6 more
Lucy I.

3.6 miles away

Lucy Ingram

I love tutoring, mentoring, and being an academic coach and support for students. I love English, writing, and history, although I’m experienced and comfortable... See more

Why You Need a English Tutor In Chicago

Chicago stops feeling like your city when hard times in English classes start to arise. Several students move to the city with big plans of getting a degree and maybe even living in this beautiful city full time. But these dreams can be halted when you start to struggle in your English class. The pressure of failing the class starts to become too much for you to handle and you cannot perform within your capabilities.

This is when you have to take two steps back and recognize that “I need an English tutor in Chicago.” They will be able to come through like Michael Jordan in the clutch and give you all the support that you are going to need. The abundance of literature is something the students do not do so well within an intro level English course. When you are not used to doing this much reading it is easy to forget or just not get it done.

So to make sure you are finishing up your assigned readings you must work with English tutoring in Chicago. The first step to doing well in the class and on the exams is to actually read the materials. When you do this you will at least be able to voice your opinion and write about what you took from the literature. You can also run things by your tutor before you say them out loud in class if you are worried about embarrassing yourself.

Your Chicago English tutor is going to help you formulate all your ideas into coherent thoughts that you can share with the class and your professor. You will feel accomplished and confident after each session with your Chicago English tutor.

Samantha Yanity

1.4 miles away

English (and more!) tutor with 5+ years experience

I am finishing up my 2nd round of graduate school- earning a dual masters degree ( Masters in Divinity and Masters of Arts in Social Justice). I can teach/tutor individuals in theology, philosophy, doctrine as well as justice issues ( race,... See more

  • ... Loyola University of Chicago
  • subject English (K-8) + 14 more
Gianna Levato

2.8 miles away

Elem. Teacher with Master Degree and Tutoring Experience

I am currently a 4th grade teacher in Chicago Public Schools. I have taught students of all ages, and have extensive experience tutoring students as well as peers. I obtain a Master degree in Curriculum and Instruction with a concentration

Nathaniel Hanks

2.4 miles away

ASU of North Carolina Graduate with 7+ years Tutoring Experience

I have a Bachelor's degree in English Literature from Appalachian State University and 7 years of professional experience tutoring students of all ages. I specialize in Reading, Creative Writing, and English as a Second Language, as well as... See more

  • ... Appalachian State University
  • subject ESL/ESOL + 6 more
Michael Fisher

2.4 miles away

Archaeologist and Historian PhD from the University of Chicago

I recently received my doctorate from the University of Chicago in archaeology and I have a Bachelor's Degree in history from the University of Notre Dame. I have a handful of teaching and tutoring experience that includes elementary school... See more

  • ... University of Chicago
  • subject ACT Writing + 36 more
Alanis Carmona

2.7 miles away

(1 ratings)
Bates College Biochemistry Major & Chinese Minor Tutor

My name is Alanis, and I went to Bates College where I majored in Biochemistry! I also have a minor in Chinese and a concentration in Public Health. I... See more

  • ... Bates College
  • subject College Counseling + 8 more
  • in a day or more
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Benefits of Hiring a English Tutor In Chicago

Being able to work with one of our English tutors in Chicago might not be something you are comfortable with at first. This could be because you have had bad experiences or have heard horror stories from others. But we do not provide tutors who do not know what they are doing.

When you are able to work with someone who has several years of tutoring or teaching under their belt then you are getting your own teacher. They will be able to explain things in a way that absolutely makes sense to you. Our tutors are professionals and do all they can to help you get out of this rut. This type of tutoring is even better for your child who is just now learning English.

Every child learns at their own pace but in a classroom, this does not matter. There is a set tempo that the teacher follows and if your child falls behind you need to find Chicago English tutoring. Your reputable tutor will be able to work as fast or as slow as your child needs while also working with a tailored lesson plan that is specifically for your child. A true deal and perfect accommodation for a child who is struggling to read or write.

Phonics tutoring in Chicago is going to make sure that your child is right where they need to be and set up to exceed expectations. Our tutors make learning fun so your child can hold on to this information. This is the ideal form of education and you will see the results you need only after a few meetings with your professional tutor.

The HeyTutor team is ready to work with you so that you are able to find your dream Atlanta English tutor. Our reps thoroughly enjoy finding the perfect match and have done it several times. If you want to know that you are working with someone who is best for you then you need to call us up at HeyTutor. The ideal expert English tutor in Atlanta is only a call away.

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She shows honest concern for my daughter to learn and you can tell She is smart

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