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Found 209 Biology tutors in Chicago, IL

Susana Ortiz

4 miles away

Science, Spanish and Music tutoring and lessons

Education is one of the most valuable things you can acquire. Knowledge stays with you wherever you go and you can use it in the less unexpected situation.

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  • ... Roosevelt University
  • subject Biology + 6 more
  • in a day or more
Diana Fan

4 miles away

UIUC Biology, Chemistry, and Sociology graduate

Hi everyone!

My name is Diana, I am a University of Illinois - Urbana/Champaign graduate, and... See more

  • ... University of Illinois at Urbana...
  • subject Biology + 7 more
  • in a day or more
Cara Bruzan

1.5 miles away

Prospective PhD with Chemistry Experience from Medical School

I am a college graduate currently working towards getting a PhD in chemistry. Previously, I was in medical school, but I left to pursue a PhD because I am interested in a research oriented path. I hope to become a college chemistry professo... See more

  • ... Indiana University Bloomington
  • subject Biology + 16 more
  • in a day or more
Organic chemistry tutor with 6 years of experience tutoring

I can help with variety of science courses and give you the motivation and study skills to do well in your classes, as well as solid basics and a thorough understanding of the underlying concepts. I have 6 years of experience with tutoring

  • ... Illinois Institute of Technology
  • subject Biology + 9 more
Adaora Arachie

1.2 miles away

Dedicated teacher and tutor passionate about education.

Hi, my name is Adaora Arachie. I have 2 years of experience as a teacher. I've taught Biology for 9th graders, Psychology to 12th graders and 4th grade Math. However, I've also tutored children in other subject areas as well such as English... See more

  • ... Northern Illinois University
  • subject Biology + 14 more
  • in a day or more

Why You Need a Biology Tutor In Chicago

Chicago has great deep dish pizza, and you will feel like you are in too deep if you took a biology college course thinking it would be easy. Biology is offered as a pre-requisite for several majors and students enroll in it sometimes because they think they will get an easy A. I don’t know why this would ever enter someone’s mind but it could be because they did not have any issues in their high school course. But this is not a typical high school course and you will be challenged in more than one way.

Even if you start off doing fine in the class, the subject matter is going to get increasingly more difficult. When you feel things beginning to get a bit out of hand it is time to get a biology tutor in Chicago. They will be able to soften this blow and get you through this class so you do not have to retake it.

A professional tutor employed through HeyTutor is going to have an extensive background in biology and teaching the subject. They have come in and helped students who are just like you then got them through their difficult time. So you are going to know that you are going to get your money’s worth with biology tutoring in Chicago.

Your tutor is going to be someone who knows how to handle all of the complexities associated with a college level biology course. Our private biology tutors in Chicago are all college educated so they have taken several courses just like this one. Their passion matched with their insight is exactly the push you need to leap into success.

Future Doctor - 5 years tutoring experience

Hey guys my name is Stephane Jean-Louis originally from Boston but currently living in Chicago. I started off my education pursuing a career in business and as the years went on I changed focus and currently a medical student. I'm fluent in... See more

Sophie Raimi

2.8 miles away

DePaul History graduate with a Spanish minor.

Hello, I'm Sophie! I am a recent Magna Cum Laude graduate of DePaul University and I am very excited to be able to use my knowledge to help other people. I majored in history and minored in Spanish. I also studied biology and math for two y... See more

Jennifer Kania

1.3 miles away

WGU Secondary Science Education Graduate

I have a Bachelor's degree in Secondary Science, with a focus in Biology. My method of teaching is based on my goal to guide students to think in terms of larger concepts and real-life application in order to more fully understand each ide... See more

  • ... Western Governors University
  • subject Biology + 4 more
Dr Z Hill

1.6 miles away

Hill, M.D. humbly @ your service

I am a Physician by profession. I have 10+ years experience in teaching Science at all grade levels. I am taught as Professor in university. I have my Bachelors in Biology, Masters in Medical Science, and M.D. from Washington University of

Kayla Roe

3.8 miles away

Practicing General Dentist in Chicago area

Happy to help students interested in pursuing a career in dentistry or those who need some extra help with their basic science courses (biology/chemistry)

  • ... Virginia Commonwealth University
  • subject Biology + 7 more
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Benefits of Hiring a Biology Tutor In Chicago

A one-on-one biology tutor in Chicago can breakdown the subject in a way that is understandable. In high school, one of the most common things that we see is there is a disconnect between the teacher's style and the student’s learning style. So there needs to be a medium that can bring the two together so that the lessons come across more fluidly.

The teacher does not have time to figure this out as they are working with several other students, and most of them might be understanding the class. But your student is not, so you have to bring in outside help and find a biology tutor in Chicago. This Chicago science tutor can help clear up any miscommunications that are currently happening between then student and the teacher. This will raise your child’s confidence level while also helping them do better work in their class.

Your child is capable of doing this type of work they just need a lesson plan that is most conducive to their style of learning. Our tutors will figure out that style and take full advantage of it in a way that brings out the best in your child. This way your child knows what works for them in the future so they become a more involved student who knows what they need to succeed. This is the HeyTutor experience.

But it starts with you calling up our customer service reps and letting them put you in contact with the best biology tutors in Chicago. We have gotten the matching process down to a science so let us get you excited about your progress with biology.