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Found 214 Greek tutors near me. Greek tutoring

Paul P G.

from Panama City

3.2 miles away

A professional teacher/trainer/coach/consultant of English language

Professional teacher / trainer / coach / consultant of English language.
I have been teaching English to adults and children for the most part of the last 20 years.
... See more

  • ... Florida International University
  • ... Greek + 12 more
Michael Valmas

from Yonkers

2.4 miles away

(3 ratings)
Columbia grad., 15 years of experience in diverse academic tutoring.

I've had great teachers and mentors in the course of my lifetime, and I've had my antennas out, looking to learn wherever I may travel to and through

  • ... Columbia College
  • ... Greek + 79 more
  • in a day or more
William Fritsch

from Bethpage

1 miles away

Philosophy PhD

The industry background of tutoring as a service has its roots at the dawn of civilization, notably with Aristotle as the paradigmatic tutor of Alexander the Great, teaching his pupil curricula of wide breadth and vast scope, ultimately lea... See more

  • ... Cornell University
  • ... Greek + 154 more
  • in a day or more
Chris Chaney

from Modesto

4.7 miles away

Experienced Algebra, English and SAT/ACT Tutor

I have over ten years of experience teaching and coaching for different organizations, colleges and universities. I have helped administer a tutoring program in St. Louis. I have had success in helping students with whom others were unable

  • ... Lincoln Christian University
  • ... Greek + 86 more
  • in a day or more
Chad Turner

from Newport Beach

4.6 miles away

Classics Phd (Latin and Greek) who can also help with essay writing.

I have taught Latin and Greek at the college level for four years. I later taught Latin at the 7th-8th grade level. (Also for four years.) I also have experience tutoring those languages independently.
... See more

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Why You Need a Greek Tutor

Do you love learning about Greek mythology and everything Greek? Are you interested in learning the language? Or maybe you are just interested in the travel and the adventure. Greece is a beautiful place to go, and 99 percent of the population there speaks Greek. The Greek language is considered one of the most challenging languages to learn. However, this is no reason to falter if you have a strong will to learn and a skilled instructor. Regardless of your desire to learn Greek a great tutor can make learning the language second nature to you. Working with a private Greek tutor can get you your ticket to a new career quicker than you know it. A tutor can work with you at your own pace so that you can speed up when you understand topics and spend more time on pronunciation or other areas you may struggle with. When working in a classroom full of other students, it is hard to get the practice and direct feedback that you need when learning a new language. Greek tutoring can:

  • Work with you on more natural conversation that will help you to fit in the Greek culture more easily.
  • Teach you an extensive amount of vocabulary.
  • Create fun games and activities to help make lessons stick.
  • Teach you about the culture and food.
  • Teach you how to read and write.

Benefits of Hiring a Greek Tutor

Getting education in a close net environment with a teacher you feel comfortable with is a huge advantage. When you’re in a classroom environment with 30 plus students learning a new language can be very intimidating. Many students don’t get to work on pronunciation as much because they hold back out of embarrassment. In a one-on-one learning environment, there is no judgement from other students, and there is no waiting on the needs of other students. You get the time and attention you deserve, which will only speed up the learning process. Concepts will also be taught in a way that you can understand. Working with a mentor means that you can choose a teacher with a personality you like, and who teaches in a way that you understand. HeyTutor knows how frustrating it can be to have a teacher that you don’t understand, or simple just don’t like. This can make the learning process frustrating, unexciting, and challenging. Matching with a "Greek tutor near me" or "Greek tutoring near me" will help eliminate your challenges and help you succeed. You can pick from a variety of skilled Greek tutors. We offer background checks so that you can feel safe and informed. Learn Greek with a highly qualified instructor today!

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