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Found 484 Government & Politics tutors near me. Government & Politics tutoring

Michael B.

from Lexington

$ 63 / hour

Learn How to Learn: Ivy League Multi-subject Tutoring

Multiple graduate degrees and decades of experience to help you succeed!

I have been a substitute teacher for high school and middle school in algebra, t... See more

  • ... Cornell University
  • ... Government & Politics + 17 more
  • Very responsive
Chanel S.

from Atlanta

$ 31 / hour

10 years of Education experiences

Paraprofessional Certification: for the State of Georgia
Utilize current strategies and theories to plan, organize, and implement structured lessons for students in urban schools.10 year of successful substitute teac... See more

  • ... Clark Atlanta University
  • ... Government & Politics + 36 more
  • Immediately
Polatip Subanajouy

from Chicago

$ 40 / hour

(1 ratings)
All Business: Multi-Subject Tutoring, Including Physics and Writing

To be sufficient in a subject is to be able to perform the problems assigned to you. To be proficient in a subject is to be able to perform any probl... See more

  • ... University of Illinois at Chicag...
  • ... Government & Politics + 32 more
Ambereen Ali

from Houston

$ 40 / hour

10+ Years Teaching and Tutoring K-12 Students!

Teaching, tutoring, working with kids and their families is my passion and I have many years of experience in the field of education. My first tutoring job began at 16 years old at a Kumon Franchise, where I tutored elementary kids in math

  • ... University of Houston
  • ... Government & Politics + 58 more
  • in 5 hours


Himansu Pal

from Brooklyn

$ 56 / hour

(10 ratings)
Jeannette K. Watson Fellow at Brooklyn College on the Pre-Law Track

I graduated from an intense IB curriculum at Baccalaureate School for Global Education, which at the time (2015) was in the top 5 for best public scho... See more

  • ... Brooklyn College of the City Uni...
  • ... Government & Politics + 51 more
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Why You Need a Government & Politics Tutor

Government and Politics is a topic that our general population is disengaged about. Some people find it boring or just plain unimportant. It is actually quite the opposite if you have a strong understanding of our political system's inner workings. Whether you are taking a class, preparing for the AP Exam, or just hoping to learn more in this subject matter, it is highly suggested to hire a private Government & Politics tutor so help you cover the vast array of material. Here are a few reasons why it is important to learn about this subject matter:

  • Government and Politics impacts every single aspect of all of our lives (e.g. taxes, laws, etc.)
  • It is important to be an informed voter when making political decisions
  • You can help improve our country by being aware of what is going on in the world
  • Politics can be entertaining!
  • You can have meaningful conversations with people who share different opinions than you when it comes to Government and Politics 

Benefits of Hiring a Government & Politics Tutor

The benefits of indivdualized Government & Politics tutoring are endless. If you are taking this class in school and you're struggling to keep up because it is a lot of material or you find it difficult to pay attention, then working with a private tutor is the way to go. Tutors have a way of presenting material in unique way that is engaging and different than what you might hear in a classroom setting. A one-on-one tutor will hand tailor a curriculum to fit your specific learning style and can make it more exciting to you. When you actually care about a subject matter, it motivates you to learn and ultimately perform better on tests, quizzes, homework, etc. It is also fun to talk with a tutor who may have new ideas and opinions. Everyone loves a good debate!


Here at Heytutor, we want to make your academic life easier. We believe that students should not have to drive themselves crazy searching for "Government & Politics tutoring near me" on search engines and coming up short. Our tutors all have one goal: to help you succeed in your education. We vet and pre-screen all of our tutors to ensure you are working with only the most qualified candidates in your area. You have the ability to sort through tutors and determine who will be the best fit for your Government & Politics needs. For example, you can ask yourself:

  • What kind of tutor would I like to work with?
  • Am I looking for a Government & Politics tutor near me or would I like to conveniently work with a tutor online?
  • Do I have any specific qualifications for my tutor?
  • Any preferences? (e.g. gender, teching style, etc.)


The possibilites of tutors are endless. You can use our convenient search tool to filter tutors based on everything you are looking for. Don't try and get through this subject matter alone. Get started by messaging several of our tutors today.

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