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Found 200 Geography tutors near me. Geography tutoring

Julia H.

from Pasadena

$ 49 / hour

(5 ratings)
Here to Improve Your Academic Performance

Hello I am a college graduate currently getting my second degree in exercise and health science. Through my schooling, I have taken numerous math and

  • ... Purdue University
  • ... Geography + 78 more
  • in a day or more
Sana Ahmad

from Corona

$ 31 / hour

(2 ratings)
US Citizen/NES Tutors with many years of international experience

I am a bright, intelligent well-qualified Elementary level teacher, for grades K-8 for all subjects and for teaching English at all grade levels. I wa... See more

  • ... Rutgers, The State University of...
  • ... Geography + 39 more
Elizabeth Thankful Shannon

from Los Angeles

$ 56 / hour

Nearly 20 Years Of Optimum Results

A graduate of The Putney School (ranked number 3 in the country of all prep schools), I've always excelled in my studies. Prior to attending Putney, I was enrolled in AP and honors classes. (At Putney, since there were only 7 - 10 children/... See more

Misha Chada

from Austin

$ 100 / hour

Friendly Experienced Teacher who Guarantees Results

I believe first and foremost that education is the foundation of any nation, and that there must be a mission to make education readily accessible for all who desire it. In filling out my personal mission, I am all about evaluating, collect... See more

  • ... University of Texas at Austin
  • ... Geography + 114 more
  • in a day or more
Alexzandra Strickland

from Smyrna

$ 25 / hour

Masters Graduate with Extensive Reading and Writing Skills

I am an experienced researcher, writer, and community service organizer with a demonstrated history of working in the mental health, early education, and higher education industries. I am skilled in Microsoft systems, public speaking, core

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Why You Need a Geography Tutor

“Oh, The Places You’ll Go,” is a silly story Dr. Seuss wrote to show the endless possibilities of the world while encapsulating our little growing minds years ago, but now we face Geography. Although it is a bit more in depth than the Dr. Seuss stories, he was right about one thing, the world is a big place and you should get to know it. Geography is a great way to explore different continents, cities, lakes and lands galore.  Just like the idea behind Geography, you too are in a place of discovery. There is a whole other life outside of your little bubble and it’s time to start exploring how our world was formed and what played a role in that process. If you’re struggling to remember what took place when our great continent “Pangea” separated, or you need better ways to study, a Geography Tutor can help to maximize your studying techniques. Need those grades to start improving? An individualized tutor can support you and give you the confidence you need to excel in Geography. So why might you need a Geography tutor?

  • You need to be more disciplined in your study habits
  • You need to find better ways to study and retain more information
  • You need a further explanation than your professor and the textbook provide
  • You need to improve your grades

Benefits of Hiring a Geography Tutor

One of the biggest advantages of hiring a one-on-one tutor is the customized lessons that are made just for you. School teachers make lessons to teach to the middle of the class, leaving behind the students who are struggling and the students who are excelling in the subject. Having individualized lesson plans means that each student can work at their own pace. You will benefit from that fact that a private tuition can set goals geared toward just one student and giving you complete focus and attention. This type of instruction ultimately leads to maximized learning done efficiently. Our mentors at Heytutor, consider your child’s strengths and weakness. They strive to incorporate the best teaching methods and leave you with plenty of tools to take with you on test day. The world is a huge place, but our Geography Tutors can help narrow down the big picture, and focus in on getting the most out of each lesson. We have a money back guarantee for those of you who have tried tutoring before and weren’t pleased. We are so confident that you will have a standout experience that the first lesson is on us if you are not one hundred percent satisfied. Set up an appointment with one of our tutors today, it’s the best move you can make for your future.

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