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Satyam Joshi

1.1 miles away

Dentist with 5+ years of clinical and tutoring experience

After graduating as a Dentist from India, I decided to move to USA and continue with my studies in specialty. I had difficult time to figure out proper direction while clearing my NBDE test because I was not much aware about the system, and... See more

  • ... Pacific University
  • subject Study Skills
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Todd Welch

2 miles away

Algebra 1 & Pre Algebra Specialist w/25 Years Teaching Experience

I have been teaching for over 25 years in public education with my full secondary (6-12) certification in math. I most recently taught Algebra 1 in the Scottsdale Unified District and have made teaching Algebra 1 a priority in my career. Th... See more

  • ... Arizona State University
  • subject Study Skills + 1 more
Chess Instruction

Coach Aleks started playing chess at age of 6 and became team champion of Macedonia at age of 8. He has been teaching chess since 2009 in Phoenix, AZ, and in 2011, he started teaching chess online. He had taught the game of chess in over 20... See more

  • ... Miami Dade College
  • subject Study Skills
Oliver Thomas

3.2 miles away

WPI Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate

I am a Mechanical Engineering undergraduate student in my sophomore year at Worcester Polytechnic Institute with a 3.84 GPA and a passion for engineering and design. I consistently work hard to achieve goals and am very enthusiastic about l... See more

  • ... Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  • subject Study Skills + 6 more
Derya Turker

3.9 miles away


I’m a native french speaker and would like to offer my teaching experience and services to all my students.
... See more

  • ... Zaytuna College
  • subject Study Skills
Hamid Hamoudi

1.8 miles away

UMMTO Master of Science in Engineering

I have a Master`s degree in Science Engineering from UMMTO. I have the passion to tutor students of all ages, I do believe that the learning process should be an adventure full of fun, and I am convinced that anyone can learn. I can provide... See more

  • ... Community College of Philadelphi...
  • subject Study Skills + 4 more
Relax. It's only an essay.

Hey, my name is Imoh Griffith-Mba. I'm a graduate of Kennesaw State University (KSU) with a Bachelor's of Arts in English and a 3.34 GPA. I'm experienced in various aspects of writing and reading comprehension (essays, copyediting, creative... See more

  • ... Kennesaw State University
  • subject Study Skills + 13 more
Erin Pirkle

4.4 miles away

Master of Education with 5 Years of Tutoring Experience

Hello everyone! I recently received my Master's in Experiential Education from The George Washington University and carry 5 years of tutoring experience at the college and graduate levels. My tutoring philosophy is to meet students where th... See more

  • ... George Washington University
  • subject Study Skills + 27 more
PhD in Psychology with 15 Years Experience in Education

Dr. Burnett-Brown holds professional teaching certifications in English, Behavioral Science, Special Education, and ESOL. In addition to teaching at the secondary level, she has taught psychology at the post-secondary level for the past eig... See more

  • ... Northcentral University
  • subject Study Skills + 26 more
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Leonardo Tineo

2.3 miles away

(3 ratings)
Great Tutor

Revit and AutoCAD tutor

  • ... New York City College of Technol...
  • subject Study Skills + 2 more
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