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Kami Dillard


1.2 miles away

I build text champions

There are very few people who have scored in the 95th percentile on the SAT or ACT. Coach Kam aka Kami Dillard is one of those people. A native of Los Angeles, California, Kami understood early on she had a knack for test taking. While othe... See more

  • ... Pepperdine University
  • subject Algebra 1 + 27 more
  • in 5 hours
Jill Beerman


3.4 miles away

30 years experience teaching Social Studies, English, (including APs)

I have a lot of classroom experience, but have also been tutoring for the past 10 years. I enjoy tutoring for the one-on-one contact with students. My favorite subjects to tutor are American History, European or Western Civilization, and

  • ... New York University
  • subject ACT Writing + 26 more
  • in 5 hours
Daniel Uribe


3.9 miles away

BS in Physics with 2 years of tutoring experience

I speak: English and Spanish

I am passionate about math and science! I also have fun with improvisational the... See more

Mark Mcgovern


3.1 miles away

Writer and mathematician

I am Mark McGovern, a learning enthusiast originally from Montana. I am a Navy veteran, having served in the Nuclear Power field and engineering department aboard the submarine USS Maine. The education in that field, along with briefly majo... See more

  • ... Georgia State University
  • subject Algebra 1 + 27 more
Kate Yoder


4.9 miles away

Northwestern University Graduate Ready To Help You!

I graduated from Northwestern University with a B.A. in Communications. I have extensive tutoring and homework assistance experience with all grade levels, spec... See more

  • ... Northwestern University
  • subject Algebra 1 + 39 more
  • in a day or more

Why You Need a SAT Tutor In Atlanta

The SAT is basically a breakdown of everything that you have learned in school up until this point. With each passing year of high school, you are going to have to retain this information and use it on this exam. So naturally, students have issues because there is so much information that forgetting some is completely normal. The math section of the exam gives students all types of issues.

Math is one of out most inquired about subjects at HeyTutor and our SAT tutors in Atlanta know this and are prepared to help you. You are going to need someone who can come through and show you the ins and outs of this exam. A few slip-ups on this part of the exam is truly going to have a negative impact on your overall score. This is precisely why our Atlanta SAT math tutors are in high demand.

Students often do well on the majority of the exam but bomb math and end up walking away with a less than desirable test score. You are not alone in this journey, there have been students just like you and there will be several more. When you work with SAT tutoring in Atlanta provided by HeyTutor you know that you are getting to work with someone who has a deep background in tutoring.

Our math tutors do not mess around, they bring their A-game to each and every session. When you match their energy then you are going to be much more prepared to take on the math section of the SAT.

Josh Kahen


2 miles away


Graduate of the University of Georgia with a bachelors in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology. I have been tutoring for over 5 years now with tremendous success with my students. My style of teaching is to really break down a subject conceptua... See more

Malisa Brill


3.8 miles away

(1 ratings)
16 Years Math Teacher all ages from 7th grade through College Algebra!

I have been teaching math to all ages for 16 years now and Love it! I love giving new ideas to an old concept and watching students light up when the... See more

  • ... Southeastern University
  • subject Algebra 1 + 11 more
  • in a day or more
Abraham Artiles


3.5 miles away

Corporate Accountant with 7 years of accounting experience

I have a Bachelor's degree with a double major in Economics and International Affairs from Florida State University. I have worked in corporate accounting since graduation and am currently enrolled in Kennesaw State University to achieve a

  • ... Florida State University
  • subject Elementary Math + 29 more
Laurel Robinson


1 miles away

Professionally Certified Math Teacher with FLDOE

For the last three years I have taught math at the high school level in Florida with Duval County Public Schools. I have taught Math for College Readiness, Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II. I have tutored frequently throughout my teachin... See more

  • ... University of North Florida
  • subject Algebra 1 + 8 more
Dorothy Fonde Werts


4.8 miles away

Emory grad, 25 years teaching experience, Spanish, general elementary

I am a retired public school teacher with 25 years teaching experience, and 9 years private tutoring experience equaling over 1000 hours. Due to my own rigorous education, I am proficient in many subject areas, especially for elementary and... See more

  • ... Emory University
  • subject Common Core + 18 more
  • in a day or more
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Benefits of Hiring a SAT Tutor In Atlanta

Sometimes when you are studying for the SAT it can be easy for you to have the urge to quit. There is so much data to be digested that you feel you are never going to be prepared. But that is the furthest thing from the truth and we do not support that type of mentality at HeyTutor. An Atlanta SAT tutor is going to be able to assist you to get over this hump you are experiencing.

They can help you go over the information bit by bit instead of trying to bite off more than you can chew. When you are able to slowly go over everything with a professional you will start to see that your knowledge is increasing. Our Atlanta tutors want you to be able to draw from this information now and later on in your life.

For example, if you are struggling with the geometry on the exam and you are becoming increasingly frustrated, we have geometry tutors who can help. You are only going to be tested on your basic knowledge of geometry, so your tutor is going to be able to sharpen your tools. Then you will be able to utilize this information later on in your life in one way or another.

When you are actually learning and expanding your knowledge of certain subjects then you are getting the HeyTutor experience. Atlanta SAT tutoring is going to be able to help you completely alter your approach to this exam and any other one that you may have to take. Reach out to our team of reps right now to get matched.

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