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Found 173 Physics tutors in Atlanta, GA

Damian Luboch

2.3 miles away

Teacher of English with +5 Years Teaching & Tutoring Experience

I graduated from Montclair State University with a Bachelors in English with Teacher Certification (P-12). For over a decade, I've been counseling and mentoring youth develop intellectually and emotionally. I'm an avid reader, writer, resea... See more

  • ... Montclair State University
  • subject Physics + 33 more
  • in a day or more
Dana Hardock

3.1 miles away

Mathematics Teacher - Middle School Interventionist

I am currently a Middle School Mathematics Teacher for grades 6-8, who loves making learning engaging and relevant to student's lives. I teach basic skills in regular education classroom settings. I specifically target struggling learners a... See more

  • ... Montclair State University
  • subject Physics + 5 more
Peg R.

4.1 miles away

Former math teacher relates well with young people

"I relate well with young people. I am encouraging and keep sessions light and interesting. Being insightful, I take an analytical approach to understanding the areas of strength to build upon and the opportunities for improvement. I am ade... See more

  • ... Northern Illinois University
  • subject Physics
English Tutor for the Elementary Level

Hi, I have a passion for teaching and helping others learn. I have extensive teaching experiences covering a diverse age group. However, my favorite age group is the elementary one. I love to teach them Grammer, Reading, and Writing. I earn... See more

Maureen Porter

4.4 miles away

English and Writing Tutor


*College students writing for first year required classes

Why You Need a Physics Tutor In Atlanta

Atlanta is one of those cities that is going to test you day in and day out. This is only because the best of the best come to this city looking for their shot at becoming the next big thing. Whenever you are not on your A-game this city is going to knock you down, but you have to get back up on your feet and come back swinging.

Being in a high school physics class is a test on top of what you are going through in this city. It is important for you to take full advantage of your time while you are in this class because you are building a basis of scientific knowledge. However, the class is constantly kicking you in the teeth and making you regret going to school in the first place. But just like anything else that you would face in Atlanta, you need to attack this class head-on.

You must take each of your issues out one by one, but first, you have to identify your weaknesses. A physics tutor in Atlanta is going to be the way for you to get ahead in this class and point out what you are not doing right. For example, test taking could be the thing that is holding you back in this class. You do not really have issues with the labs or the homework, but exams are dreadful.

Our test preparation tutors who specialize in physics can nip this problem in the bud. If you want to have a chance at enjoying your time away from school in Atlanta, then you have to knock this class out. You are not going to want to do this but you will feel so great about yourself when you get that passing grade.

There is almost no feeling that is better than working your tail off and then accomplishing your main goal. Physics tutors in Atlanta can make sure that you are doing your best work. This is the type of guidance that truly makes a difference in the life of a struggling student.

Oliver Thomas

4 miles away

WPI Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate

I am a Mechanical Engineering undergraduate student in my sophomore year at Worcester Polytechnic Institute with a 3.84 GPA and a passion for engineering and design. I consistently work hard to achieve goals and am very enthusiastic about l... See more

  • ... Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  • subject Physics + 6 more
Ball State Graduate with 3 years of Teaching Experience

I have Bachelor's & Master's degrees in English and just completed my third year teaching English Composition at the university level. I love working with students! My key focuses with students are confidence and process-building. I promote... See more

Edna Oga

1.9 miles away

Little Ms French

I have a Bachelor's degree in French & Linguistics, two Master's degrees in French Language and in French Studies respectively. I also have a Teaching Certificate from France. French has become a part of my identity as everywhere I've work... See more

  • ... Montclair State University
  • subject Physics
Sara Levitt

3.1 miles away

UofL English/Creative Writing Graduate with 5+ Years Experience

I have a Bachelor's degree in English Literature and a minor in Political Science from the University of Louisville and have 5 years of extensive experience teaching students of all ages (kindergarten to college). I also have a Master's deg... See more

  • ... University of Louisville
  • subject Physics + 7 more
Language and History Tutor

I am from the Inland Empire, but went to school in Portland, Oregon. I got my Bachelor's degree in Foreign Languages studying Russian primarily and Spanish secondarily. While in college I studied and worked abroad in both Russia and Mexico.... See more

  • ... Lewis & Clark College
  • subject Physics + 16 more
  • in a day or more
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Benefits of Hiring a Physics Tutor In Atlanta

Most of our physics tutoring in Atlanta is ran by tutors who have worked as a teacher. They have led classes filled with students and have conveyed this information. So when you can sit down with them in a one-on-one setting you are getting years of knowledge that they have acquired. You are truly going to want to take advantage of this if you are in a college course.

College can feel like an isolating experience especially if you are failing. There are all of these people around you, but you do not feel as if they understand your pain. But one of our science tutors is going to be there for you. However, their job is not to coddle you. They do not want to do this and we know it is a waste of time. That is not what you are going to want as a student either, you need to gain knowledge.

You will not learn a thing if you spend all of your sessions complaining about your possible failure. When you sign up for Atlanta physics tutoring you are stepping away from having a negative mental outlook on this class. You will be actively working toward learning this information so that you can move on with your life with newfound knowledge.

We are just as passionate about your success in this class as Falcons fans are about their football. Reach out to HeyTutor today to get matched with a top of the line Atlanta tutor.