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Daniel Zapata

3.2 miles away

(2 ratings)
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Graduate with 10 Years experience

I am a professional and look for excellence in every practice. When I teach, I will help you to develop a learning methodology more than to study by m... See more

  • ... University of Miami
  • subject Spanish + 25 more
  • in a day or more
Michelle Prado

4.7 miles away

FIU student with specialized degree (K-12 & Adult tutoring)

I am a current student at Florida International University (graduating in December). I have studied English, Political Science, and General and Digital Marketing. My GPA is a 3.6 and my areas of specialized expertise (for adult students) ar... See more

  • ... Florida International University
  • subject Spanish + 23 more
Jorge Alcina

1.8 miles away

Certified, experienced tutor with 7+ years of experience.

I am Jorge Alcina, a private tutor with over 7 years of experience tutoring students from all age groups, from the first grade level up until college level. I use proven, adaptive, and up-to-date methodology to better assist in my students'... See more

  • ... Florida International University
  • subject Spanish + 36 more
Experienced teacher in social sciences, languages, professional coach

Hi there! I'm an interactive, dynamic and experienced educator in political science, international relations, economics, sociology, law, etc. I have extensive experience as a translator/language teacher in Spanish, French and Italian. I am

Professional ESL and Spanish Tutor with 8+ years of experience.

I am a professional ESL and Spanish tutor with over 8 years of hands-on experience. From an early age I received a bilingual education and after high school I studied Modern Languages in the Metropolitan University of Caracas, Venezuela to

  • ... American National University
  • subject Spanish + 3 more
  • in a day or more

Why You Need a Spanish Tutor In Miami

Miami has some of the most beautiful beaches that you can find in the world. But it will be like you are drowning in the ocean if you are failing your Spanish class. At HeyTutor we get calls daily about students who are going through the exact same thing. There is so much going on in their lives that Spanish falls by the wayside. They do not study the materials outside of class and they are constantly missing assignments.

If this sounds like you then you need the help of a Miami Spanish tutor. Each one of our tutors is a professional who has years of experience with Spanish. They are all fluent and they can also help you get a point of comfortability in your Spanish class. This is the type of guidance that you will receive when you are able to work with one of our Spanish tutors. A sense of reliability will overcome you when you sit down with an expert who is also an incredible teacher.

For a student who is on the verge of failing their Spanish class there truly is not anything else that you can ask for out of your teacher. This is the type of treatment that you wished you were getting in the classroom but instead it came in the form of Miami Spanish tutoring.

With each passing session, you will see that you are learning more and more about the Spanish language. From textbook grammar to informal speech, our tutors in Miami have you covered.

Aileen Sainz

1.1 miles away

FIU Honors Graduate with 3+ Years of Tutoring Experience

I have a Bachelor's degree in International Relations with a minor in Political Science, Certificate in European and Eurasian Studies, Certificate in National Security, and a Badge in Cybersecurity Fundamentals from Florida International Un... See more

  • ... Florida International University
  • subject Spanish + 15 more
Spanish Teacher and Latin America Culture

I offer value-added, personalized language services to meet your Spanish business or personal goals.
• My competitive advantage comes from working with high-level executives of Fort... See more

  • ... Catholic University of America
  • subject Spanish
  • in a day or more
Paulette Castro

1.9 miles away

Elementary and Middle school Tutor

Hello! I have a Bachelors in Criminal Justice & a Bachelors in Psychology. I tutor children in Elementary and Middle School. I teach all subjects including Spanish & reinforce spanish speaking students with English. You are more than welcom... See more

  • ... Florida International University
  • subject Spanish + 6 more
Michael Becerril

2.1 miles away

Michael Joel's Tutoring Services

Being born and raised in Puerto Rico gives me an edge to other Spanish speakers because it’s given me over 20 years of experience. These experiences include numerous reading comprehension tests, book reading assignments, monographs and othe... See more

Andrea Lozano

4.1 miles away

International Business Student

More than 3 years of experience in Hospitality , Management and Customer Service.

  • ... Florida International University
  • subject Spanish + 9 more
  • in a day or more
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Benefits of Hiring a Spanish Tutor In Miami

Spanish is a language that many people want to become fluent in. It is beautiful and widely used around the world. So the opportunities are boundless when you are dealing with this subject material. If you want to become one of the individuals on the planet who can speak this language with ease then you need the help of one of our Spanish tutors in Miami.

We have the perfect tutor for you who is going to be able to fit your learning style perfectly. We do not arbitrarily match you with a language tutor who you are not going to mesh with. This is why we started HeyTutor so that we could create matches based on preferences. When this is the case you are putting yourself in an environment where you are more likely to succeed. By eliminating distractions and focusing on you as a student, your tutor is truly helping you help yourself.

Because at HeyTutor we believe that hard work and dedication are going to get you to the point of success that you hope to reach. If you are ever doubting yourself or are unsure about the subject matter then you need to change your mentality. That is what will happen with one of our tutors, they will help you see your potential.

We have a team of reps who are ready to field any questions that you may have in regards to HeyTutor. After that, we will get you matched with Spanish tutoring in Miami.