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John Bowman

2.3 miles away

I'm a Social Studies Teacher Pursuing a Masters in the Education Field

Hi, my name is John and I am a credentialed Social Studies teacher. My background is mainly with middle school (6-8) students, but I have tutored the gambit -- anywhere from elementary to college! My passion for teaching extends beyond hist... See more

  • ... University of La Verne
  • subject European History + 19 more
Bailey Miller

1.2 miles away

NYU and King's College London Grad with 7+ Years Tutoring Experience

I have a dual Bachelor's from NYU in Cinema Studies and Philosophy as well as a Masters Degree from King's College London in the realm of Film + Philosophy. I have been tutoring students of various ages since high school, and have developed... See more

  • ... New York University
  • subject European History + 24 more
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Benefits of Hiring a European History Tutor

Finding a solid European history tutor can have its benefits. Getting private sessions means that you have the flexibility to make your instruction sessions on whatever day and time that works best with your schedule. When tutors come to your house you get to save time by not having to drive to another location. With this new-found flexibility, one-on-one European history tutors have a more laid back teaching atmosphere which allows them to utilize whatever materials and learning styles they desire. HeyTutor has a variety of European history tutors that are passionate about their subjects and it shines through their teaching.

Being in an Intro to European history course can be something that most people find difficulty with because of the style in which it is taught. If you are a student who finds better success with European history tutoring, you need the services of HeyTutor. We know how difficult it can be to learn in the environment that is an introductory humanities course lecture hall. To be frank, not many people take the class seriously at all which can be a major distraction to you maintaining a strong grade. Also, you might be interested in European history and actually want to learn but find difficulty being spoken at by your professor. Our tutors will be able to sit down with you and break things down for you in a way that benefits your learning style.

Naturally, in a lecture, there are some things that you might have missed out on in class for whatever reason. Our tutors will take your syllabus and create a lesson plan to fill in any of the gaps in the material you may be experiencing. Being able to learn with a European history tutor will allow you to better understand those things that you are not getting. But it also will allow you to look at things in another light. Having conversations and a plan that is built by someone with such an extensive background gives you the best opportunity to learn the information and retain it as well. HeyTutor has passionate tutors who truly care about the subject matter they are teaching you. They are also well versed in this subject matter and have taken the courses you are currently enrolled in or struggling with currently. But not only do they know and care about what it is they are teaching you, they care about you as a student.

In most college classes the professor does not truly care if you pass or fail the class because they have so many students to worry about. You are just another number to them and you cannot blame them with the large number of students that have to worry about. But your study skills tutor not only cares about the percentage you get in the class, they care about you as a person. They want you to feel comfortable enough with them to ask them any questions that you have regarding the course. And due to this, the learning experience is quite unique. It generates the perfect situation for you to obtain all the information they are giving you and also retain it.

If you want to pursue a career or major that focuses on European history, this opens you up to working with one of the best world history tutors in the nation but also a potential mentor. Someone who cares about European history just as much as you are the ultimate teacher but you will also be having intimate conversations about these topics. You will learn from both these conversations and the lesson plans the tutor designs around you as a student. Any level course you find yourself within the European history realm will benefit you as a person. HeyTutor’s platform allows you to select your own tutor, whether it’s by gender, age, background, careers, the options are not limited. We make the selection process as simple as possible so you can get started on using your European history grades right away.