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Hannah Smith

2.2 miles away

Hannah Smith

I have several years of experience and enjoy working with children and adolescents of all ages. I am skilled in teaching Psychology, Human Development, Sociology, English, Communications, History, and basic Sciences and Maths.
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Lisa Garrison

1.6 miles away

Ms. Lisa Garrison

I taught for 6-8 grade students for 20 years. I taught general science, history, and English. I have also taught students with IEP’s in my classroom for 20 years. I am also a swim instructor. I have taught swim lessons for 8 years. I have a... See more

  • ... Nova Southeastern University
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Benefits of Hiring a Dyslexia Tutor

When finding “dyslexia tutoring near me” developing a structured reading scheme that involves repetition and introduces new words slowly is extremely important. This allows the child to develop confidence and self-esteem when reading. HeyTutor’s instructors believe that in order to be able to teach, according to each child’s educational needs, it is essential to see him or her as their own person, complete with individual strengths and weaknesses. Our Dyslexia tutors take pride in finding solutions to your child’s problems.

Learning in a traditional classroom setting can be difficult for just about anyone, especially if your student is dealing with dyslexia. The current system is not built to work with individuals but instead focuses on the class as a whole, which can leave your child feeling left behind and buried with information. At HeyTutor we look to reverse those effects by teaming you up with a top-notch tutor who will focus solely on your child’s needs as a student. This unique experience will allow for our dyslexia tutor to truly get to know and understand who your child is so that they can make the lessons appealing and enjoyable.

Outside of learning the material, one of the main things our tutors want to make sure of is that your student is having a good time. Learning can sometimes feel boring, especially if you are not retaining much of the information. So to truly ensure that your student remembers the lessons that are being prepared for them, they must enjoy the learning style. Having a one-on-one professional tutor allows for this to happen, in a way that is unparalleled to most other approaches. Group tutoring sessions are not ideal for a student who is struggling with dyslexia. So you might realize “I need a dyslexia tutor.” When that happens one of our tutors will come in and build around up your student's weaknesses and make their strengths even stronger.

After working with HeyTutor our tutors do not want you to have to ever think about dyslexia tutoring again, we want your student to just be able to focus on reaching their goals. Learning should be something that is pleasurable for all people regardless of who they are and that is something we truly believe at HeyTutor. Reading is crucial to any students success so having a well trained professional who can show your student their problems, vocalize it and then help them fix it is an incredible experience.

As you know, there are several types of dyslexia but that does not mean a student only has one kind or that there is a clear set of rules. Like a fingerprint, everyone is unique and has their own challenges which is why you do not want a tutor who uses a cookie cutter approach. What might benefit one child may only confuse another even more, and our tutors understand this fact. They will be able to use this acquired experience and truly understand what types your student is dealing with while trying to read. The first session will essentially work as an evaluation where your dyslexia tutor will see what your dyslexia student is having problems with understanding. They will then take whatever it is your student is currently learning in school and then create a lesson plan surrounding all of this information that is particular to your student. This way, when class begins your student can have the confidence that previously they did not. They can use the tips and methods given to them by a tutor with years of experience to excel in their classwork.

Our tutors know that sometimes it can be like pulling teeth when it is time for a child to have to learn. But our tutors will make it so your student is excited about their sessions and that they can continue to move forward in their quest to break past their dyslexia while truly building the foundation they will use to read at a high level for the rest of their life. This assessment,  and lesson plan you will get from a well-trained dyslexia tutor will be unmatched and at a more than reasonable rate. So scroll through our site of hundreds of dyslexia tutors, or call one of our reps so they can get you started today towards building your students confidence when it comes to reading. Find the best tutor for your child today.