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Found 197 Drawing tutors near me. Drawing tutoring

Sarah Frees

from Vancouver

4 miles away

(2 ratings)
Knowledge is our greatest strength.

I'm passionate about learning and want to help you be too. I am all about making sure you understand the fundamentals because that makes learning the

  • ... Washington State University
  • ... Drawing + 41 more
  • in 6 hours
Christine Chagnon

from Fishkill

2.3 miles away

A kind, experienced and educated tutor is ready to meet you!

Hello there, and thanks for reading this note to you!
My name is Christine, and I am a state-certified teacher. I provide help for students of all ages in many different subject areas. Having well over 20

  • ... Pennsylvania State University
  • ... Drawing + 25 more
  • in 3 hours
Ja Konkankit

from Reseda

3.5 miles away

Ready to assist in what ever subject you need help on!

Hello All!

My name is Ja (like Ja-rule, and the shark "jaws"). I am a returning student at

  • ... California State University - No...
  • ... Drawing + 103 more
  • Very responsive
Ana Flores

from Irvine

1.4 miles away

Irvine Tutor

My name is Ana. I recently graduated UCI and now I am preparing for graduate school. I'd like to pursue a PhD in astrophysics.

... See more

  • ... University of California - Irvin...
  • ... Drawing + 6 more
  • in 16 hours
Rachel Dawodu

from Richmond

2.9 miles away

University graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies

University graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies, currently pursuing a Master of the Arts in Clinical Psychology with a concentration in Family & Marital Counseling. Seeking a long-term, stable position with potential for gro... See more

  • ... Pepperdine University
  • ... Drawing + 96 more
  • in 4 hours
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Why You Need a Drawing Tutor

Do you have dreams of becoming a great artist? Are you a good drawer? Or perhaps you’re not the best drawer but you may have potential? Whatever your skill set is, you too can look into drawing tutoring to strengthen your artistic competency. Learn to sketch and draw people, animals, and scenery. If you’re looking to make a career out of these skills, working with a drawing tutor can help you to improve the little details with your work that can make the biggest difference. Having a second set of eyes that knows what it takes to make a career out of drawing, can really help you to clean up those minor things that really help your art come to life. A private drawing tutor can provide a different perspective when it comes to improving your talents, they can help to improve detailing and shadowing while giving you new materials to work with which ultimately makes you more of a versatile artist. At the end of the day, our tutors at HeyTutor will help keep you confident and focused on your work as a budding artist.

To find a drawing tutor can be highly beneficial no matter where you are on your artistic journey. We have high school drawing tutors who can help if you are currently taking a course but find yourself really struggling. Often, students enroll in these courses thinking they are going to be a joke and not something they have to focus on. After a few months in the class, they realize that it is not nearly as simple as they thought it was going to be because drawing is a highly difficult skill to acquire. That is when “I need a drawing tutor” becomes a reality and HeyTutor can help you eliminate that problem. Our art tutors have professional experience and the degrees necessary to help you explore your inner artist and get that grade you need to pass your class and move on with your life. Perhaps, you will discover that you actually have a knack for drawing under the tutelage of our talented tutors.

Our college drawing tutors know that if you are taking courses at this level you are looking to have a career as an artist. They will approach lessons with you much different than they would with a student in high school. It will be more honing in on advanced skills to make sure you become the artist you know that you can be one day. Even if you are doing a great job in your classes, you should look into working with one of our tutors. Because as an artist you truly cannot learn enough about your craft. That is true within any career or any aspect of life, but especially true of artists. The saying from the infamous Picasso “ good artists copy, great artists steal” says more about the education of those artists and the tutelage they had rather than the fact that they were actually stealing. When working with one of our tutors you will be getting just that, the opportunity to steal the knowledge of another great artist.

Even if you just draw for a hobby our tutors can help take you to the next level. Drawing is a fantastic way to relieve stress and spend much of your free time. But if you are going to do it, you might as well do it well. This is what our tutors can assist you with accomplishing. You did not go to college to learn the basics and advanced techniques that most working artists have, but it is never too late to get this information. Working with our tutors will truly bring the best out of you on an artistic level which will ultimately make you happy. What better way to make a living than realizing that your hobby can actually be something you are quite good at and can potentially put food on your table and money in your pockets.

Your level of expertise does not matter at all to our tutors and your struggles do not either. It is not because they do not care, but it is the fact that they can help you regardless. They can and want to help you so that you can take what you learn and apply it at a high level. Our professional tutors are the cream of the crop and most have professional working experience. So they can give you the tutelage you need to thrive as an artist but also the feedback on your work that you crave from someone who has actual working experience in the industry.

Benefits of Hiring a Drawing Tutor

Working with a tutor can help improve any areas of drawing, shading, or detailing that you may be struggling with. A one-on-one drawing tutor can help take your work to the next level, and teach you things that you can’t learn in the classroom full of other students. You can explore career avenues with your tutor while learning what the industry is searching for in upcoming artists. HeyTutor has plenty of drawing professionals for you to choose from. All of our tutors are knowledgeable with working experience and have undergone an assessment in order to gain their position on our HeyTutor platform. Getting a professional’s perspective on your work is a great value of your time. Learn to think outside the box with one of our top-notch tutors today.

Learning how to draw can be a rough patch in your artistic venture, especially if you are making the transition from high school to college. In high school you might’ve been the most talented artist in your class, getting much of the attention from your teacher. But when you enroll in college, all the students were the best drawer at their high schools and you might find yourself struggling. With those struggles, come anxiety and worry that you are not used to along with the fact that your professor cannot give you the attention you need. That is when “drawing tutor near me” or “drawing tutoring near me” needs to be something you inquire about finding. Working with HeyTutor will truly make a world of difference as you get personalized sessions where you will be as comfortable as possible. In these sessions, with an art tutor, who you can choose from our vast database, will get you the attention you need. Our tutors know everyone moves at their own pace, and they have been through what you are experiencing currently. Because of this experience, the work they’ve done in the field and the fact that they are teachers puts them in a unique position to know how to cultivate an ideal learning environment. This will assure you learn whatever you are missing in class and be able to apply it whenever it is you may need it.

Being a beginner is an even more vulnerable spot to be in as an artist. You might not be used to showing your work to anyone who is not very close to you and you’ve never truly been through a critique. So showing your pieces to a tutor with working experience might seem daunting to you, but the positive benefits are plentiful. Our tutors create a safe space for you as an artist to grow, get constructive feedback and learn in ways that are not possible at many of the top art schools in the country. You can have your sessions at home or in any private place so that no one has to see it but you and your tutor. Then your tutor can be as soft or hard on you as you would like so that they bring the best out of you. You will have a mentor who doubles as your tutor, which means you will be learning from someone with a ton of experience. At our affordable prices, this is something that you truly cannot pass up.

Drawing is truly a skill that can open several doors for you in your future. You can be enrolled in college, which means you are well aware of these opportunities. Or you may be someone who is just trying to learn a little more about your hobby but find out you actually have a bright future. Even if you just want to get better so you can brag to your family and friends about the cool creations you come up with at cocktail parties and gatherings. To our tutors, it is all the same, because they will get you where you want to be as an artist.

No matter where you are in the country we have a tutor we can match you with who you will make you a happier artist. If you want in-person tutoring we can match you up with one of the best drawing tutors in your area. But if you consider online tutoring we can match you with the best drawing tutors in the country. Whatever brings you joy our talented team at HeyTutor will get you matched up. So check out our website or call one of our reps so we can help you pass that course or hone in on your skills and get your drawing to a higher level immediately.

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