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Caleb Wilson

3.5 miles away

OSU Undergraduate STEM Major

I have experience in multiple subjects, but my specialty is in the STEM fields. I am currently pursuing a major in Computer Science, and am passionate about all things computers. With this said, I can help with science, mathematics, enginee... See more

  • ... Oregon State University
  • subject C++ + 22 more
  • in a day or more
Software Developer With Physics/Mathematics Background

I have been working as a private physics/math tutor for almost a decade. I've also worked within the school district as a tutor specialized in helping struggling students and students who needed an extra challenge. Recently, I acted as lead... See more

  • ... University of Wisconsin - La Cro...
  • subject C++ + 23 more
  • in a day or more
SDSU Electrical Engineering undergraduate with 3+ years of tutoring

I am a recent graduate from San Diego State University with a BS in electrical engineering. I hope to soon pursue a masters in computer science. I have been tutoring for the past three years at both Grossmont Community College and San Diego... See more

Eric Rovelo

2 miles away

Eric R

I Love Math! I've been tutoring people of all ages for 5 years now, and I haven't looked back.

  • ... Baylor University
  • subject C++ + 45 more
  • Very responsive
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Benefits of Hiring a C++ Tutor

Working with a C++ tutor will put you above and beyond in class but also when you join the workforce. In college or high school, there are several distractions when you are enrolled in a course such as this one, but our tutors can help you overcome them. Even if you do not truly find difficulty in the class you can position yourself for sustained success by working with a tutor who can teach you lessons you might not learn in class. HeyTutor has the tutors you need to reach the goals you have set for yourself and much more.

As a high schooler taking a C++ course there are several issues that come with it. Your student knows the potential in learning this program and also is probably interested in one day working in the video game industry.  In a high school course, there are several challenges that your student might face. The teacher might go too fast or too slow, and they might not be learning all they can which can be frustrating. When your student works with one of our tutors they will be getting a lesson plan tailored to their needs. If they are not in a course in high school and simply want to learn C++ for their own personal uses or to prepare for college, our tutors will take heed. This will be a learning environment, unlike anything that your student has ever experienced especially when it pertains to learning a program such as C++. But it will get them to a point where they feel confident in what they are learning and with the next step they take.

College is a transition that many students struggle with, not to mention those looking to major in computer science. Many high schools do not offer computer courses in advanced languages such as C++ so you might find yourself struggling to learn the program to the best of your ability. This can also be because the lecture hall classroom setting is not the most ideal for many students especially when you are transitioning from high school to college. Our tutors are all college educated so they have experienced this as well and they know how to help you overcome. They will take your syllabus, the materials you have been working with along with your learning style to help you pass the class. These personalized lesson plans you will be getting will be something you can use to get your grade but also to draw from later on in life when you are using the program.

Pursuing a career as a programmer means you need to retain all the information you learn in college later on in life. Programming is not an easy career path, but when you work with a tutor they can help you in ways you never imagined. You do not want to just learn the information enough to pass your class, get your grade and graduate. It is highly important that you remember these things so that you can truly excel at your dream job. Our tutors not only know what it takes to teach you. They also understand what it takes to get that job and keep it. Since there is such a large demand for programmers that means that there are always new programmers entering the job market. If you want to maintain your job you need to stick out with the knowledge you gain in college. Being on the job is the last place you want to forget things and ask questions. What you learn from your tutor will be used for the rest of your life, so you not only need to get that grade but you need to fully understand C++. This will give you the confidence you need to start working and really be an asset on your first day of work.

HeyTutor has the trained professionals you (or your student) need to be one of the best C++ programmers around. Reach out to our team of reps and let them hook you up with a C++ tutor who can unleash your maximum potential. We have a database filled with the cream of the crop who are passionate about teaching you and making sure you are comfortable but also having fun. Let a HeyTutor tutor lead you in the direction to accomplish all your C++ goals!

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Matthew H.
5.0 Articulation
5.0 Proficiency
5.0 Punctuality

Zach has a great understanding of the material, he is easy to talk to, and really helps me get at what I need to know and achieve understanding.

Matthew H. reviews Zachary Young