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Amanda Lapore

5 miles away

Personal Tutor

Hello students and families. I am a mother of three beautiful children. I have a 7 year old son, a 6 year old daughter and one little guy under one. My background for tutoring expands over many subjects for lower level grades. I love all su... See more

  • ... Delaware Technical and Community...
  • subject College Level English + 25 more
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Christina Gerard

3.1 miles away

Writer, English Tutor, and student obtaining MFA

I'm Christina. I graduated with a Bachelors in Fine Arts (BFA) from Goddard College, the number one low-residency BFA Creative writing program in the country. W... See more

  • ... Goddard College
  • subject College Level English + 14 more
Megan Whaley

2.2 miles away

Chemistry Student with 2+ years Tutor Experience in STEM Fields

You can call me Soluna. I am an ambitious scientist with two years experience as a tutor at MiraCosta College in the STEM Center where I have tutored group learning sessions and one-on-one. I have conducted research in biochemistry at Uni... See more

  • ... Michigan State University
  • subject College Level English + 38 more
Ashley Perkins

1.6 miles away

ESL, English (Writing, Spelling, Grammar, and Reading Comprehension)

I have a Masters in Applied Linguistics and Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages from Lancaster University in the UK, allowing me to approach language teaching from both a scientific and classroom oriented perspective. Also, as m... See more

  • ... Texas State University
  • subject College Level English + 14 more
Ben Gross

3.7 miles away

High School English Teacher with 13 Years Experience

Hi, my name is (Mr.) Ben Gross, and I am a high school English teacher who has been teaching for 13 years in a variety of schools from public to charter to magnet schools. While I enjoy leading class discussions about books, what I really l... See more

  • ... Boston University
  • subject College Level English + 17 more

Why You Need a College Level English Tutor

You finally made it! College means freedom, following your dreams, and finding yourself. Amongst all of these important changes, you may have noticed that college English class isn’t quite like the curriculum in high school. Your professor requires a lot more critical thinking on tests and the reading homework is triple the amount of work you used to do in high school. If you are starting to get overwhelmed with the daily reading, writing, and assignments in your English class, it may be time to swallow your pride and get some college level English tutoring with a trained professional. You might be feeling a bit down because you used to not have any issues with your English classes in high school but now you are struggling. Well, now it’s time to allow a one-on-one college level English tutor to refine your natural talents and get them up to par for a college level course.

To succeed in college is to master organization and preparation. If you are not organized you will forget about assignments and maybe even miss class. Your responsibilities are more intense on a college campus than they are in high school and this can cause much frustration. Your English grade will suffer as well if you are not organized. In most cases, these classes are all about the readings. If you do not do your assigned reading you will not be able to be apart of the discussions in class. When this happens your participation grade suffers and that is a good majority of your overall grade in the class. It also will hurt you when you take tests and quizzes since they will be based almost entirely on the readings. So if you are not organized with your time and materials you will constantly fall behind which can end with you failing the course. This is not something that should ever happen but if you find yourself slipping down the slope of failure you need to find a college-level English tutor.

Another major component of any English course in college is your ability to write papers. In high school, you typically had one or two big papers for the entire year and a few smaller ones scattered throughout. But in most college-level English courses you have a paper due each and every week, maybe more than once a week. If this is the case and you are not the best writer you may find yourself looking for “college level tutoring near me.” This is because you know that a professional tutor will be able to give you feedback but also keep you on track. If you are bad with organization, in general, you are going to struggle with brainstorming. When you prepare to write a paper it is essentially an organization of your thoughts and notes. Then you have to get that on paper in a way that makes sense and with establishing valid, fact-driven points. A tutor will be able to help you with all of these skills.

If you struggle with research, that is something else that will hinder you. At HeyTutor we have English tutors who understand that not everyone knows how to maneuver around the library in an efficient manner. This is a skill that is taught, it is not innate in all of us. No matter how ridiculous the name Dewey Decimal System may sound it is incredibly important toward your success in an English course. You need to make sure that you are using your time wisely while in the library and that you know where to go to find what you need. This will make your life much easier in class and also allow you to be as prepared as possible. Which comes to our other factoid that preparation is vital toward your success in an English course. If you are not prepared you will not get the right grade or be able to write any type of paper. Preparation comes in several different shapes and sizes when you are enrolled in a college level English course, and our tutors will make sure you are adept in each one. Being able to take what you have recently read and vocalize that on paper or in a discussion forum is an incredibly important skill to have in your repertoire. This is why most schools require students to take an English course no matter what their major is while in school. You will use this ability to write and communicate for the rest of your career as both a student and a working professional. So take advantage of one of our stellar college-level English tutors.

Breyer Teaney

4.9 miles away

ISU CHFS Graduate with 1 Year of Tutoring Experience

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Child, Adult, and Family Services from Iowa State University. This major gives me a background in many of the Social Sciences, such as: Sociology, Psychology, and Family/Child Development. In the past, I have... See more

  • ... Iowa State University
  • subject College Level English + 10 more
Breanna Bundle

4.8 miles away

WMU Communication Graduate with 6+ Years of Tutoring

I have a Master's degree in Communication from Western Michigan University and have 6+ years of extensive experience tutoring students of all ages. During my time at Western Michigan University, I worked as a graduate teaching assistant for... See more

  • ... Western Michigan University
  • subject College Level English + 30 more
Elvira Mejia

1.9 miles away

Ms. Elvira Mejia

Since I was 15 years old, I have been lucky enough to work with children. From working after school in high school to putting myself through college as a full time nanny, I have relied on my keen and natural ability to nurture and care for

  • ... Hunter College of the City Unive...
  • subject College Level English + 40 more
Rebecca Lang

1.6 miles away

English Tutor for Junior High and High School Students

Every student has the capacity to learn, but some need extra help. As a tutor, I believe in personalized education that responds to the needs of the student. As a Creative Writing major and a published writer, my English skills are strong.

  • ... University of Redlands
  • subject College Level English + 6 more
Shea Martin

4.9 miles away

(1 ratings)
Former Teacher with over a decade of experience in teaching

I have over a decade of experience with children and youth of all ages and all subjects. I am especially good with students that are behind in school

  • ... University of North Texas
  • subject College Level English + 38 more
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Benefits of Hiring a College Level English Tutor

The benefits are truly endless when you find a college level English tutor who can provide you individualized attention that professors just cannot do in classrooms with several dozen other students. College is a difficult transition and it usually takes a semester or two for most students to acclimate to the quicker pace and more difficult coursework. Even if you are not taking English as your major, almost all classes will require you to write a paper at some point. Working with a college level English tutor will help you make sure your paper is up to par.

Our goal at HeyTutor is here to help navigate you in the right direction to succeeding in all of your courses in college. Our English tutors go out of their way to make sure you are meeting the college requirements both in and out of class. All of our tutors are college educated so they know what it takes to write a college-level English paper, pass exams, get through the readings and keep your grades up. Succeeding in a college-level English class requires a great deal of time management because professors require you to read so much literature in such a short amount of time. Our professional tutors will make sure you spend your time in the most practical sense and coach you through this curriculum.

There are several factors that go into finding success in a college level English class. If you are struggling with any of these, it may hurt your overall grade. If this is happening with you hiring a “college-level English tutor near me” is something you need to look into finding. When you work with one of our competent tutors they will be able to help you with whatever it is you are studying with during class. They will sit with you and get down to the root of the problem, then from there, they will be able to eliminate it. For example, if you are having difficulty with the content you are reading and being able to analyze it your tutor will help. You will get tutoring and reading intervention that will get you excited about reading again. You might think that the books you are reading are not enjoyable but your tutor will be able to show you the joy in these novels. A lot of times you might lack the motivation because you believe the content is boring, but our tutors want you to see past this and find the parts that relate to you. When you are able to do that it will be much easier for you to join in on discussions and you might even start reading more just for fun.

Plagiarism is something that can not only cause you to fail a class but might end you in some serious trouble. Citing papers is another thing that we all just do not know how to do, it has to be taught to us. If you were never taught in a way that you understand or were not paying attention when the teacher was going over this, you can find yourself in a bad position when essays are due. So you have said to yourself “I need a college-level English tutor.” Our tutors will be able to teach you all you need to know about proper citation so that you avoid any messy situations you could end up in. You will be able to use this skill in any of your other classes where you have to use proper citation. If you are accused of plagiarising it could put a damper on your career, especially if you write an academic paper that is aimed toward your industry of choice. It could lead to you being blackmailed out of jobs and your legitimacy will always come into question. So although English level college courses

Looking for a job? Our college level English tutors can also help prepare your resume and cover letters. They can also help you work on your professionalism and communication skills. Parents have valued the positive reinforced behaviors and attitudes by our tutors that they have long forgotten, and haven’t seen in their kids for quite some time. Give us a call today and we can help get you or your student overcome any issues that might arise while taking a college level English course.

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She was incredibly helpful with her critiques. Very in depth with them and offered so much constructive feedback. She was also very nice to talk to

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Elizabeth E.
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