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Found 183 Geometry tutors in Denver, CO

Lauren Heymann

1.3 miles away

UT Austin BA and BS Graduate with 6+ years of tutoring experience

I graduated with a BS in Marine Science and a BA in Plan II Honors from the University of Texas at Austin in 2016, and I have been a tutor for all ages over the past 6 years. I love this job because I enjoy helping people improve their mind... See more

  • ... University of Texas at Austin
  • subject Geometry + 49 more
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Education Sciences graduate with 10+ years tutoring several subjects

I have a Bachelor's degree in Education Sciences with certification on English and Spanish teaching, as well as a certification from the OAS to teach and tutor as a Virtual Facilitator.
... See more

  • ... Universidad Nacional Autonoma De...
  • subject Geometry + 25 more
Danna Cooperberg

1.6 miles away

Northwestern University Graduate with 3+ Years of Tutoring Experience

Hi there - I'm Danna, a Northwestern University graduate where I studied environmental science and chemistry. I am an experienced tutor in mathematics covering difficulty levels from algebra through calculus including standardized test prep... See more

Special Education Teacher and with 7+ years of teaching experience

I have my Bachelor's degree in Social Justice and my Master's degree in Critical Pedagogy. I completed both of these degree to inform my work in supporting my community members in having equal access to resources and opportunities. I am cur... See more

Meg Brantley

2.5 miles away

CU Boulder Graduate with 12 years of Spanish Language Experience

Hey there! I am a young professional in the Wash Park West neighborhood with experience tutoring middle and high school math and spanish. I studied abroad in Santiago, Chile and have a strong grasp on Spanish Grammar. I also have a strong m... See more

  • ... University of Colorado at Boulde...
  • subject Geometry + 27 more

Why You Need a Geometry Tutor In Denver

You will think that you are trekking through the mountainous Colorado terrain when trying to maneuver through your geometry class. If you are just barely hanging on you know how vital every passing moment is for you. One slip up can drop your grade tenfold and have you in a situation where it will be close to impossible to get out.

So you need to put yourself in a spot of comfort by providing yourself with a safety net who comes in the form of a Denver geometry tutor. Barely passing a class should never be acceptable for anyone but it happens all the time on college campuses across the country. Students just do the bare minimum to get their grade and then move one without having any geometry knowledge.

Our professional tutors know how detrimental this is and that it is a complete waste of your time. This is why they approach their sessions with you with the intention of making sure you are actually learning. When you know exactly what you are doing it eliminates all the stress that comes associated with guessing.

The moment you find yourself guessing on geometry quizzes, tests or homework you need to immediately seek geometry tutoring in Denver. You should not randomly pick answers in any class but this holds more weight in a geometry class.

Showing your work is one of the main factors and you are going to get the answer wrong no matter what if you cannot present to your professor how you can to the answer. Make sure you know what you are doing by working with one of our several geometry tutors in Denver.

Shauna Kanel

1.2 miles away

Exceptional and Gentle English/ESL/Math/Biology Tutor

I am a full-time, professional tutor with experience working for tutoring centers as well as in-home tutoring and home schooling.

... See more

  • ... University of California - San D...
  • subject Geometry + 63 more
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Brian Trubowitz

2.9 miles away

Academic Coach

Hi There!

I specialize in several different areas. My favorite subjects to tutor are math,... See more

  • ... Ohio Wesleyan University
  • subject Geometry + 42 more
  • in a day or more
Justin Regina

3.7 miles away

Experienced math and science tutor with flexible scheduling and travel

10+ years tutoring experience in math including pre algebra, algebra 1 and 2, geometry, trig, pre calculus, calculus 1 and 2, probability and statistics. ..and sciences including chemistry, physics, computers and programming, and astronomy.... See more

  • ... Colorado School of Mines
  • subject Geometry + 26 more
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Ezra Kramer

4.1 miles away

Practicing Attorney With Extensive Tutoring Experience

Hello! I am an attorney in the Denver area with extensive experience tutoring students in English, Writing, History, Philosophy, Religious Studies, and just about anything else that doesn't involve math (except Geometry and Algebra). I had... See more

  • ... University of Wisconsin - Madiso...
  • subject Geometry + 16 more
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Nicole V.

4.1 miles away

Experienced tutor specializing in HS math, science, & test prep

I have been a private tutor for many years. I tailor my approach to my students' individual learning styles so that they learn more in less time. I help them develop skills that will assist them in all their future classes - not only the co... See more

  • ... University of Colorado at Boulde...
  • subject Geometry + 27 more
  • in a day or more
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Benefits of Hiring a Geometry Tutor In Denver

Test anxiety can be a crippling feeling and can truly hold your student back in their class. Even if they are doing the work and putting in the effort they can still walk into the examination room without having the needed confidence. When this happens it is because they are not doing the work the right way on their own.

Although they are spending hours in the library they know that these hours are not well spent. They can get easily distracted and even when they are working they still are not absolutely sure as to what they are doing. So when the test day comes around they are thinking about all the time wasted and the instances where they were confused. Now it is time to tackle these issues head-on and they have no idea if they are actually capable. This almost always spells out disaster for your student.

Denver geometry tutoring will make sure that your child can walk into that room with their head held high. This is because they have been actively working while also getting an assessment from a genuine Denver math tutor. Having the chance to get this type of focused attention is truly going to be a difference maker for your child in this class. There will be no more uncertainty on test day, just the utmost confidence. Success is just when preparation meets opportunity. But you want to make sure that your child is prepping in the best possible way.

The wait should be over and the benefits of HeyTutor should be present. You know that you are working with the best geometry tutors in Denver when you reach out to HeyTutor. We have developed a phenomenal process and want to help you get the most out of your geometry class. So give us a ring today.