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Kishan Khana

2.6 miles away

KSU Graduate in English and Writing with 5-years Tutoring Experience

Hey Everyone!

I'm going to keep this brief because I am sure you are all looking through many

  • ... Kennesaw State University
  • subject ACT Writing + 16 more
Aaron Edwards

2.7 miles away

Licensed English and history teacher with over 4 years experence

After serving four years in the U.S. Marine Corps, I completed my BA in English and history from Northern Illinois University, and I am currently completing my MA in English from University of Colorado, Denver. I am a licensed 7-12 teacher

  • ... Northern Illinois University
  • subject ACT Writing + 34 more
Allen Chezick

3.3 miles away

Master Science Teacher with 13+ years experience

I am happy to help you once for a paper/lab/exam! I also offer traditional tutoring as well :) Having taught 6th-community college I am confident that I can help you better understand science and maybe make it fun too.

  • ... Eastern Michigan University
  • subject Biology + 4 more
Susan Albanese

2.8 miles away

Doctorate student who has experience with tutoring and writing in APA.

I love education and writing. I am very familiar with APA formatting. With my education in psychology and sociology I can help you think through assignments. With my education and experience in online teaching I can help you understand a... See more

  • ... American Public University Syste...
  • subject English (K-8) + 18 more
Jugal Manchanda

2.3 miles away


Mathematics is an art to me and I believe it should be taught like an art.
I like focusing on concepts than individual problems
I have years of experience teaching Math and Science to Students of all levels d... See more

  • ... World Medicine Institute
  • subject Algebra 1 + 10 more

Why You Need a Tutor In Aurora

Some consider Aurora to be the Silicon Valley of Colorado due to all of the innovation. If you want to be part of the tech industry and still enjoy hitting the slopes every once in a while then you might want to move to Aurora to pursue your goals. We have tutors in Aurora who are going to be able to make sure that you are ready to hit the ground running. Pursuing a computer science degree is a challenge because breaking into the industry is even harder.

Our computer science tutors know this because they have worked incredibly hard to establish a career. So they are going to be able to give you guidance that you require to become one of the next great tech minds in Aurora. They even have built connections that you might be able to utilize depending on how hard you work and how you progress under their tutelage. Tutoring in Aurora can really make a difference in your school work and also in your life in general.

This is not an easy major for you to pursue, but when you are able to get a great grade you will be thanking yourself and your science tutor. You have to spend time on this course material if you want to be great so you need to do that right now. Waiting until the last minute is going to hurt you when it comes to computer science.

Working with your craft every day is vital to finding lasting success in this industry. But it is important that you are actually learning things that are going to help you as a student and future employer. Our tutors are here to help you build up your confidence and knowledge so that you can hold that dream job and then ski with your friends on the weekend.

ESL/ English teacher

I have been teaching ESL for 7 years at the college level. I just began teaching high school students. I specialize in writing, reading, grammar, and speaking skills.

  • ... University of Missouri - Kansas...
  • subject High School Level English + 10 more
Penn State University Chemistry Graduate

I have a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry, was a Resident Assistant for 2 years, and have led multiple study groups with students from my classes. In addition, I have over 3 years of laboratory experience.

  • ... Pennsylvania State University
  • subject Algebra 1 + 9 more
  • in a day or more
Megan Bell

3.3 miles away

MSU Denver Spanish Graduate with 3 years of experience

I have not only majored in Spanish and had a GPA of 3.7 but I have also lived abroad in Spain. My major is in Castilian literature and Spanish is my true passion. I worked for my university as a tutor and I have a lot of experience with peo... See more

  • ... Metropolitan State University of...
  • subject Algebra 1 + 14 more
  • in a day or more
Meagan Clark

5 miles away

Experienced writing teacher and instructional specialist.

I am an experienced English educator with demonstrated success in teaching students in the secondary and higher education sector. Specialized in tutoring high school and college level students through literary and rhetorical analysis and in... See more

  • ... Colorado State University
  • subject ACT Writing + 11 more
  • in a day or more
Beatriz Tucker

2.6 miles away

Spanish Teacher

I had worked with students all ages almost all my life, since I come from a family full of teachers, I tough English as a second language in Mexico, and I was a Spanish teacher as well.

  • ... Central New Mexico Community Col...
  • subject Spanish
  • in a day or more
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Benefits of Hiring a Tutor In Aurora

Aurora is also on the way toward becoming one of the most environmentally friendly cities in the entire state. If you are studying environmental science then it behooves you to learn from what this city is doing. You can treat this as a study abroad trip where you can have fun and learn a thing or two on the way. But it is common knowledge that you must have solid grades in order to study abroad, right now your grades are not looking like a study abroad student.

This is why you are going to want to work with an environmental science tutor. We need more minds in this field so you have to continue to grind it out, but you do not have to do it alone. An expert Aurora tutor is going to be able to create a lesson plan that is geared toward your struggles. They will pinpoint any issues that you are having and the plan that they created will be focused on eliminating that issue.

Test taking is something that we see student struggle with all of the time because of anxiety. Test anxiety is very real and our expert test preparation tutors have helped students overcome this fear for years.

Tutoring in Aurora is something that you can get with a quick phone call. Reach out to our team of reps right now so that you are ready to go when classes start to get overwhelming.