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Found 239 Chemical Engineering tutors near me. Chemical Engineering tutoring

Matthew S

from Culver City

5 miles away

Chemistry PhD with 8+ years helping make chemistry simple

I'm a chemist and can help you become a chemist or at least pass your next test! I can help with anything from studying for a test, homework, lab reports, research project, etc. I've taught at all levels from general chemistry to advanced g... See more

  • ... University of Vermont
  • ... Chemical Engineering + 15 more
  • Very responsive


Kevin Jalalipour

from Irvine

4.2 miles away

(5 ratings)
UC Irvine Biomedical Engineering Graduate with 4 Years of Experience.

I have studied Biomedical Engineering and I have started tutoring fellow students when I was an undergraduate at UC Irvine. I am a natural in Physics

  • ... University of California - Irvin...
  • ... Chemical Engineering + 26 more
  • in a day or more
Aaron Flores

from Los Angeles

4 miles away

Studied Chemical Engineering at UC Berkeley w/ 3 years of tutoring exp

I have my associates from Pasadena City College in the Physical Sciences and was accepted and studied at U.C. Berkeley's College of Chemistry department to obtain my degree in Chemical Engineering. I'm also a former academic coach of Benjam... See more

  • ... Pasadena City College
  • ... Chemical Engineering + 29 more
  • in 5 hours
Stephanie S

from Cambridge

4.5 miles away

Patient and encouraging MIT math, science and soft skills tutor

I’m an MIT engineer, traveler, performer, problem solver, and thinker.

I have been teaching for the past 8-10 years in a variety of disciplines, format... See more

  • ... Massachusetts Institute of Techn...
  • ... Chemical Engineering + 39 more
  • in a day or more
Tai Thai

from Beverly Hills

3.4 miles away

Harvard College Graduate with 9+ years of private tutoring experience

I graduated from Harvard College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology.

I have had extensive tutoring, teaching, and college admissions counseling exper... See more

  • ... Harvard University
  • ... Chemical Engineering + 104 more
  • in a day or more
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Why You Need a Chemical Engineering Tutor

Has your dream always been to become a Chemical Engineer? If so, you are on the right track to a very rewarding career. However, you need to be prepared to deal with a very difficult courseload for the next 4 years, maybe more depending on how well you do. Many students start out as Chemical Engineering majors but have to end up switching to something easier because they simply could not keep up with the quick pace of these complex classes or their grades were not good enough to maintain in the program. Don't let this steer you away from your dream of becoming a Chemical Engineer. There are many things you can do to ensure you will be successful in this major, and the first is hiring a Chemical Engineering tutor. A private tutor will be able to:


  • Provide Chemical Engineering tutoring throughout your entire college career 
  • Help you through all of the difficult classes that are required for this major 
  • Give you career advice based on real life experience 
  • Act as a mentor and friend when times get stressful or rough

Benefits of Hiring a Chemical Engineering Tutor

All of my friends in college who were Chemical Engineering majors worked with a tutor and said they could not get by without one. They said that their tutors helped break down the concepts that they couldn't wrap their heads around and also made sure they drilled the material enough to understand it for their exams and remember it later as well. With a major like Chemical Engineering, you will absolutely use the concepts you learn in school when it comes time to begin your career. A tutor will ensure you are fully prepared to start as job as an engineer.


My good friend once told me, "Chemical Engineering tutoring near me is just not accessible because Chemical Engineers have jobs and don't have much time to tutor students on the side." That is why I recommended her to Heytutor, where we have hundreds of Chemical Engineering tutors near me who are dedicated to helping you succeed. Yes, they may have jobs as engineers, but they went through this process themselves and they know sometimes a little extra help is needed with this course load. Our tutors are willing to work with your schedule at an affordable rate. Get started with one of our highly qualified professionals today.

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