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Shayla Branch

1.2 miles away

Private Tutoring and Test Preparation

I have been teaching in a formal school setting for over 11 years. I have been a private tutor for 18 years. I have successfully taught and tutored several hundreds of students. I have tutoring experience for all of the Praxis Exams. I also... See more

  • ... University of Louisville
  • subject Career Development + 22 more
  • in a day or more
Renita Moss

4.4 miles away

Business Management Expert

I have been in business management for 21 years, I offer a wealth of knowledge and experience. I have an undergrad in Business Administration with a Legal concentration and a Master's in Business Management with a Human Resource concentrati... See more

  • ... Strayer University
  • subject Career Development + 7 more
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Benefits of Hiring a Career Development Tutor

You might think that keeping your skills current doesn’t matter in your job, or that it’s more important in other fields. In fact, you can benefit from staying up-to-date no matter what kind of work you do. Learning new skills can be stimulating and motivating, and it can help keep your mind young. If you want to continue to be an asset to your team you need to stay on top of things and continue to grow as an employee. It is incredibly important to your lasting success no matter what industry it is you are working in.

Typically people feel as if it is the job of the corporation they are working for to take care of their business development. This may be the case, but it might not be the best situation for you as a business professional. Group settings have several issues in college where you are trying to get a grade. But when you are trying to advance your career these situations need to be taken very seriously and that is not always the case if you are not one who thrives in group learning environments. When you work with a private career development tutor, you are getting a tailor-made program around what works for you and your schedule.

There is no sharing time with your teacher or mentor who is trying to help you. They will focus exclusively on you and your growth as a professional. And one of the main factors toward your success is the fact that your tutor is a working professional as well who knows exactly what you are going through. But not only can they relate to on the level of having worked in a certain industry, but they are also well-trained tutors. They know how to assess you as a student and understand what your needs are so that you can be a true resource for your company.

If you find yourself struggling with certain computer programs, your tutor will focus on this aspect of your development. But they won’t just teach you how to turn it on or how to open applications. They will see what it is you need and assist you in uncovering that talent so that when you go back to work you have the confidence you need to execute any tasks. Our professional tutors do not want to waste your time as they realize it is of the utmost importance to you as someone in the workforce. They only want to teach you the essentials that will make you stand out in your job and show that you are taking initiative to work your way up the company. Your success is highly important for our tutors because that means they are doing their jobs. Working with our tutors will set you up with a mentor of such because you will be gaining invaluable knowledge. The conversations you have along with the lessons they teach you will be information you take with you all the way up to the top of your company. You might even discover that you have skills that can lead you into an entirely different career field which might even lead to you starting your own company.

You have the potential, our tutors are just here to help you unleash it. No matter what you are doing you want to be the very best, and that is what our tutors can help you with doing. Your sessions will be so important toward building a foundation that you can work from for the rest of your working career. We all know what it is like to be working one job for so long that you forget the tools you have or that you stop learning. But it does not matter where you are in your career you can always keep learning, and our tutors will make sure this happens. But they will also make sure that you are having fun during your sessions. This is your career and it should be something that you enjoy but on top of that learning is also a fun activity.

Reach out to us at HeyTutor today and we will find you a career development tutor match in line with your availability and budget. Learn how to grow and take your career to another level today.