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Found 166 Nursing tutors in Spring Valley, CA. Nursing tutoring in Spring Valley, CA

Tawanah Reeves

2.9 miles away

Tutor, Mentor, Small Business Owner

Hello! Thank you for viewing my profile! My name is Tawanah Reeves, and I am a business owner, educator, and mentor. I love writing and movies. Great storytelling and sharing the experiences of others through those stories is something I en... See more

  • ... Southern New Hampshire Universit...
  • subject Nursing + 70 more
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Rachel Eaton

1.4 miles away

Adult-Acute Care Nurse Practitioner and clinical professor for Rutgers

Besides my Masters degree from Walden University, I have 24 years of nursing experience in many areas. I have worked in med-surg., critical care, and behavioral health. Although I am not a certified teacher, I have much experience trainin... See more

  • ... Walden University
  • subject Nursing + 1 more
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Jeanne Scott

2.3 miles away

Adult Geriatric Primary Care Nurse Practitioner-BC

My nursing education focused on adult geriatric care as well as women’s health. The NCLEX and ANCC certification exams were both passed on my first attempt. I have a five year clinical professional history of rheumatologic care. I have been... See more

  • ... Suffolk University
  • subject Nursing + 10 more
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Francesca Pizzani

1.9 miles away

Biological/ physical Sciences, MCAT, TEAS, GRE tutor

27 year old female passionate about the biological/ physical sciences. Biomedical and Health science graduate from UCF. Pursuing her passions of spreading knowledge and helping others succeed in their future medical endeavors.

  • ... University of Central Florida
  • subject Nursing + 42 more
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Asad Dahir

5 miles away

A great teacher does not teach only but also inspires.

I am a foreign medical graduate who passed the United States Medical License Examinations; Step 1 (basic science), Step 2CK ( clinical knowledge), Step 2 CS ( clinical skills). I am a USMLE tutor whose approach to teaching is grounded on si... See more

  • ... University of Akron
  • subject Nursing + 7 more
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Jordan Cunningham

4.2 miles away

PA-C, Biology undergraduate degree, 3 years tutoring experience

I graduated in 2015 from Stevenson University with my Bachelor of Science in Biology. I tutored various courses in my undergraduate career including general chemistry and biology courses, nursing-based chemistry and anatomy and physiology.

  • ... DeSales University
  • subject Nursing + 3 more
  • Very responsive
Ayana Rush

2.5 miles away

Educator Of Excellence

I am a seasoned Educator with experience in Test Prepping, Psychology and Social Sciences along with English. I teach a Universities and Colleges in New York. I teach you to promote and be excellent.

  • ... Metropolitan College of New York
  • subject Nursing + 4 more
  • Very responsive
Lauren Bapst

3.5 miles away

Helpful Biology, Math, and Psychology Tutor

Hello, my name is Lauren. I am a professional educator in the fields of biology, nursing, math, psychology, and science. I scored in the top 5% of the ACT/SAT and want to help students excel academically. I have been a tutor for +10 years a... See more

  • ... Liberty University
  • subject Nursing + 48 more
  • in 1 hours
Olivianne J.

2.4 miles away

(6 ratings)
Algebra and Chemistry Tutor for High School and University Students

I have a Master's degree in mathematics and a Bachelor's degree in Biology. I am a state certified teacher with over 8 years of experience teaching at... See more

  • ... Florida Atlantic University
  • subject Nursing + 98 more
  • in a day or more
Jaime Sinutko

3.1 miles away

You can become an RN!

I love nursing tests.....crazy, huh? Well, you can too! Nursing tests are manageable- I would love to help you be successful.

  • ... Oakland University
  • subject Nursing + 1 more
  • in 3 hours