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Heya Kwon

4.7 miles away

Tutor (English, Math, Social Studies, Graphic Design/Drawing)

Hello, I am a tutor with extensive experience in teaching English, Math, Social Studies, and Graphic Design/Drawing (Photoshop + Illustrator) to people from various ages (middle school - adult). I also have a background in music and video

  • ... Wesleyan University
  • subject Music Production + 33 more
  • in 1 hours
Music Production, Performance, DJing, &Music Business Administration

My name is Christie Ann Templeton. I am a singer, songwriter, and music producer. I graduated from UMKC with a degree in Studio Recording where I learned how to; record live instruments and vocals, program modular synthesis, apply digital e... See more

  • ... University of Missouri - Kansas...
  • subject Music Production + 16 more
Matt Gregory

2.6 miles away

Emory University grad with 10+ years tutoring experience!

I have a B.A. in English from Texas Lutheran University, and my level of proficiency is at the EXPERT level in: reading, writing, grammar, spelling, constructing an essay, et al., literally all things that have to do with the English langua... See more

  • ... Emory University
  • subject Music Production + 37 more
Devin Blair

4.3 miles away

Music production tutor with 8+ years of experience!

I can write paragraphs about myself, but what (who) is really important is you! You have everything you need to succeed at producing amazing music and it is my job to help you awaken those skills, tools, whatever you want to call them. With... See more

  • ... San Francisco State University
  • subject Music Production + 8 more
Corey Dixon

1.3 miles away

Berklee College of Music Graduate with 8 years experience teaching

The key to any student's success is to foster growth in independent study; sometimes a problem is solved by talking it out with your tutor. That's what I will be here for. Through thoughtful discussions relating to the problems a student mi... See more

  • ... Berklee College of Music
  • subject Music Production + 21 more
Ryan Feinberg

3 miles away

U. Penn Graduate who is as excited to teach as he is to learn!

I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in three years with a 3.81 GPA. I find tutoring incredibly fun and rewarding. I have a wide range of tutoring experience, including tutoring children in West Philadelphia's inner-city as well

  • ... University of Pennsylvania
  • subject Music Production + 39 more
Brennan Johns

1.9 miles away

Freelance Multi-Instrumentalist Musician

Hi! My name is Brennan Johns and I am a musician with extensive performing, recording, composing, and (most importantly) teaching experience. I am proficient in a wide variety of styles, instruments, and environments.

  • ... Indiana University Bloomington
  • subject Music Production + 15 more
Deldric Bratcher

2.2 miles away

Hey Hey Hey

musician tutor 7+ years of experience

  • ... Los Angeles Film School - Hollyw...
  • subject Music Production + 10 more
Take Classes with a World famous Dj/music Producer !

I'm luca ! known as HIGHBLOO and also under the name THE SUBS ( My band's name ).
i have been pretty successful as a dj/music producer. i have played all over the... See more

  • ... Berklee College of Music
  • subject Music Production + 4 more
  • in a day or more
Dillin Robbins

2.4 miles away

Guitar and Singing Teacher

Hello! I'm a 23 year old guitar and voice teacher. I help students learn to sing and play guitar together to gain comfort and confidence in their performance abilities.
... See more

  • ... University of Illinois at Chicag...
  • subject Music Production + 36 more
  • in a day or more
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