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Fresno State MFA Graduate with 10+ years experience in Essay Writing

Hello all,

My name is James O'Bannon. I am a graduate of the Northern Kentucky University W... See more

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Jordan Nielson

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UC Davis Alum: 5+ years ex. working in range sci./engineering fields

Being a Research and Development Chemist has allowed me to become proficient in a variety of science and engineering disciplines. The breadth of knowledge I obtained at the University of California, Davis has been enhanced by my extensive p... See more

  • ... University of California - Davis
  • subject Algebra 1 + 71 more
UCLA Graduate available for tutoring!

Hi! I recently graduated from UCLA with a BA in Psychology, BA in Sociology, and a minor in cognitive science. I able to tutor in the following subjects: psychology, mathematics (up to calculus), and English & writing. I’m a fast learner, s... See more

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Sina Abedi

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UC Irvine Biological Sciences Graduate. Certified UC tutor.

Hi! My name is Sina Abedi, and I am an outgoing and motivated student myself! I am currently studying for the Medical School Admissions test and enjoying my time back with family and friends after graduating with latin honors from UC Irvine... See more

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Daisy The Tutor :)

I’m currently attending Fresno City College. I graduate this spring, with my associates degree in psychology. I will than transfer to Fresno State to further my education in psychology.

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Why You Need a English Tutor In Fresno

Fresno is pushing the world of performance art, spoken word, theatre, puppetry, and more with their annual Rogue Festival, dedicated to championing gritty voices who have something to say. It is often hard to develop your voice as a writer. It takes years of hard work and creating to find the part of creating that both represents you and what only you can do. Finding your voice is expert step, one that many never capture, but it all starts with a foundation in story and English analytical skills, which we can help you develop through English tutors in Fresno.

The Rogue Festival is open to all types of performers and accepts many that want to be a part of it, so anyone interested in being a part of it can benefit from one of the many Fresno tutors. Our options can help you get past the first drafts of cautious writing to break through to the gritty core.

Just look at one of the great performances from Dancing Bear Productions called Point Blank Love, which is a true Fresno County crime story about the power of love, cultural differences, and a .45 caliber handgun. It is from the ingenuity of a mind with a good background in English for sure. They may not have used it, but they would likely have accepted the help of a Fresno English tutor if they had the chance.

If you need to learn that beautiful berry balloons is an example of alliteration or how to build an arcing story, you should look into finding the right English tutor for you.

Derrick Flores

2.5 miles away

Ready to help all hours of the day

Graduate at 16 drug and alcohol certificate student aide for college professors in various courses
Tutor in reading and writing center

Breanne Curwick

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Science/English Tutor

Hello! I have a Bachelor's Degree in Animal Science and have taken many courses in science based classes. I am currently enrolled in an online credential program to become a high school science teacher. I love tutoring science classes as w... See more

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All Business: Multi-Subject Tutoring, Including Physics and Writing

To be sufficient in a subject is to be able to perform the problems assigned to you. To be proficient in a subject is to be able to perform any probl... See more

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  • subject Algebra 1 + 32 more
  • Very responsive
Teagan L.

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Harvard Social Studies Graduate with Award-winning Writing Credentials

I studied Social Studies and African Studies at Harvard College, using my academic career to hone my writing skills. I spent the majority of my colle... See more

  • ... Harvard University
  • subject ACT Writing + 40 more
  • Very responsive
Math and science turoring with a focus on test prep.

My first experience tutoring came while attending the University of Southern California in 2005. There, I assisted fellow classmates in preparing for upcoming exams and found great reward in helping others gain confidence in their academics... See more

  • ... University of Southern Californi...
  • subject Algebra 1 + 53 more
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Benefits of Hiring a English Tutor In Fresno

Spoken word is just one of the many forms of entertainment found at the Rogue Festival and that type of poetry expands on the early lessons of English to explore the different places that art can take you. It often mixes poetic lyricism with a message, likely socially focused. Some of the best works of literature hide the messages that they are trying to get out in metaphors and similies. They are hard to interpret, which is where English tutoring in Fresno comes into the mix.

Literature, specifically, is a topic that we are prepared to help you with. Among our many specific subjects that tutors can help with, you can get a specific literature tutor to help you understand the messages hidden within a text. Once you have the skills to identify those pieces, you will be able to start doing that yourself.

Artists able to bury a message into their work often find great connection with audiences, especially festival audiences that are primed to see experimental content. For example, Jordan Peele’s film Get Out was able to put a magnifying lens on race relations in the midst of a psychological thriller meant to keep you on the edge of your seat. That balance is not something that you are born with. It takes work to find out how to make sure the message is not heavy-handed, the plot is not boring, and to make sure they go hand-in-hand.

When you take your masterpiece to the Rogue Festival, you will find yourself connecting to audiences more once you have developed your skills past the competition. You too can evoke emotional responses from a crowd with the help of Fresno English tutoring.