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Lucio Casimiro

3.7 miles away

CSUB Engineering Science Graduate

Hi my name is Lucio Casimiro, I’m a recently graduated international student from South Africa. Due to my time in school I didn’t have time to tutor more hours but now that I’ve graduated and have some free time, I am happy to help out with... See more

  • ... California State University - Ba...
  • subject Algebra 1 + 5 more
Kathy Stiles

4 miles away

Tutor experienced in ESL, math, test prep & college advising

I have been tutoring for over 35 years. One of my specialties is ESL. I have taught and tutored all levels in listening, speaking, reading and writing for students from all over the world.Another specialty I have is test preparation, I have... See more

  • ... University of California - Santa...
  • subject Algebra 1 + 43 more
Patrick Bowers

3.9 miles away

Attorney & Boston University School of Law graduate with teaching exp.

I am a very patient and understanding teacher/tutor with Law School and College teaching experience.

Tiffanie R.

4.9 miles away

ESL Teacher 8 yrs exp. ABA therapist for children with Autism.

Assistance provided for conversational English to improve pronunciation, vocabulary, and fluency. I asses each students needs on a individual basis and tailor my teaching style to help them reach their goals. I have experience tutoring indi... See more

  • ... Bakersfield College
  • subject GED + 23 more
  • in a day or more
Beenne Anglin

1.6 miles away

Doctoral Candidate Desiring to Instill a Passion for Learning

I love learning and will love to assist individuals who require extra educational assistance. I am very familiar with research methods (currently conducting research) and am knowledgeable in the field of psychology as well as APA formatting... See more

  • ... Grand Canyon University
  • subject Psychology + 1 more

Why You Need a Tutor In Bakersfield

Bakersfield is the country music capital of the west which means there is a deep country heritage in this city. One of the most popular shows on television is based in Bakersfield and it is about a rodeo clown. Having said that, there are plenty of rodeo shows that can be attended if you are in this part of California. This is a great place to take the family to get a better understanding of southwestern cowboy culture, but you need to make sure all of your children are prepared to take a vacation.

If your child is struggling at any point in their schooling then it can be a frustrating experience for the entire family. What needs to happen for your child is for them to get the help of a Bakersfield tutor. The tutors that we have available for you are truly going to be beneficial for your child and the entire family. When one child is failing then it can hurt the entire household, and in Bakersfield family is everything.

But even if your child is not struggling in their class the help of one of our tutors in Bakersfield can go a long way. Our tutors are also available for students who are not being challenged in their class. If your child is getting great grades but is disinterested then this can be troubling as well.

Math might be a subject that gives them no problems at all and because of this, you do not feel like they are actually learning anything new. The school will not move them up a grade so you know they need to work with a math tutor. When your child does this they will be forced to think outside the box and challenge themselves. This will be a fun experience for them and you will start to see them smiling again when it comes to learning.

Paul Salie

3.7 miles away

Math Tutor Extraordinaire

I have been tutoring high school students in various mathematical subjects for over 8 years now. I have spent the last year working primarily with collegiate students at California State University of Bakersfield, Cal Poly SLO, Fresno Pacif... See more

I'm a tutor and academic coach.

I have been a self-employed tutor and academic coach for 12 years. I have experience tutoring K-12th grade students as well as adults. I was also a trained volunteer literacy and ESL teacher for the Kern Adult Literacy Council. I currently

Geetika Padda

3.7 miles away

Future MBA Prospect 10+years tutoring experience

Hi I am Geetika you can call me Geet meaning a little melody. I hail from a family of educators been around students and teachers my whole life. My mother always used my skills as her Tutor Assistant during her teacher tenure. She started m... See more

  • ... San Joaquin Valley College
  • subject Common Core + 36 more
  • in a day or more
Megan Taira

5 miles away

Sociology Major with an English Background

im working towards my BA in sociology with a background in english lit and teaching!

  • ... California State University - Ba...
  • subject Common Core + 34 more
  • in a day or more
(1 ratings)
All Business: Multi-Subject Tutoring, Including Physics and Writing

To be sufficient in a subject is to be able to perform the problems assigned to you. To be proficient in a subject is to be able to perform any probl... See more

  • ... University of Illinois at Chicag...
  • subject Algebra 1 + 32 more
  • Very responsive
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Benefits of Hiring a Tutor In Bakersfield

Bakersfield is a fairly conservative state especially when you are comparing it to the rest of the state. With that said it is a wonderful city to raise a family and there are incredible high schools that your child can attend. If your student enrolled in one of these schools and almost done then you know how stressful junior year can be for them.

This has everything to do with the college selection process. There are deadlines, classes, extracurriculars, applications and of course entrance exams. The ACT and SAT are two of the most dreaded exams for college students to take. If your child has to take one of these then it is going to truly help them to work with Bakersfield tutoring. We have SAT tutors who know the ins and outs of this exam and can teach your child tricks that will benefit them now and later on.

When it comes to comprehensive exams preparation is key. Our private in-person test preparation tutors can help your child get ready for this exam by giving them skills that can be used for this particular test and the ones that will surely follow. Tutoring in Bakersfield will help increase your child’s chances of going to a great college.