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Found 203 Bulgarian tutors near me. Bulgarian tutoring

Lada Dimitrova

from Austin

$ 53 / hour

Mathematical Scientist with 8+ Teaching and Tutoring Experience

I started tutoring and teaching as a way to support myself in college and graduate school. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from Guilford College, a Masters in Geoscience from Harvard University and a Ph.D. from Stony Broo... See more

  • ... SUNY Stony Brook
  • ... Bulgarian + 33 more
  • in a day or more
Lilia Bogoeva

from Newhall

$ 49 / hour

Academic Tutor and Music Teacher with 8 years experience

I have been teaching professionally for 8 years in the areas of music, dance, and academic tutoring. I teach all core academic subjects, including math, science, history, and language arts, and particularly enjoy helping student improve the... See more

  • ... California Institute of the Arts
  • ... Bulgarian + 51 more
Vesela Chifchieva

from Chicago

$ 63 / hour

Organic chemistry tutor with 6 years of experience tutoring

I can help with variety of science courses and give you the motivation and study skills to do well in your classes, as well as solid basics and a thorough understanding of the underlying concepts. I have 6 years of experience with tutoring

  • ... Illinois Institute of Technology
  • ... Bulgarian + 9 more
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Why You Need a Bulgarian Tutor

Are you trying to learn a new language? Maybe you’re learning for leisure or to increase your skill set. Whatever the reasoning is, learning a new language is a great thing to dedicate your time to. Learning a new language strengthens your mind and memory, and makes you a more desirable candidate for jobs. Also Learning a new language can open a whole other world of conversation and friends. Bulgarian not a highly desired language to learn but it is also an old language. It is a great language to learn especially when traveling to several different places around the world. Working with a Bulgarian Tutor can help you to learn the textbook language, but also realistic language that is used amongst friends in Bulgaria for instance. A private tutor can

  • Teach you had to speak Bulgarian
  • Read and write Bulgarian
  • Teach you slang and common phrases used
  • Teach you about the culture
  • Teach you about the food

Benefits of Hiring a Bulgarian Tutor

If you’re looking to learn the language from a private tuition rather than a textbook, then hiring a Bulgarian Tutor would be the best way to go. A tutor can teach you things that are not in a textbook and have realistic conversations with you one on one whereas in a classroom you don’t have that same personalized time. The luxuries are so much better when working one to one. Getting exposed to more materials, and focusing on just the areas you need to improve on, will save you time and patience in the end. Finding an instructor to learn Bulgarian doesn’t have to be a mission. With heytutor we take on the tedious work for you and locate the best tutor for you. Leave us with your budget, availability, location of tutoring, and tutoring needs, and we will take care it from there. We will even provide a background check on your tutor upon request. Learning a language has never been so fun and easy!

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