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Shahzoda N.

5 miles away

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Brandeis University Grad with 8+ years of experience

I have a Bachelors and Master's degrees specializing in Business and Economics. I have also majored in public health and legal studies. I have tutored... See more

  • ... Brandeis University
  • subject Braille + 248 more
  • in a day or more
Middle School Teacher and certified Teacher for the Visually Impaired

I have 20 years experience as a middle school math teacher. I have taught both general and special education students and have multiple teaching certifications including: Special education, middle school mathematics and teacher for the v... See more

Aubrey Mcdonald

3.6 miles away


Hello, I am a teacher in school to teach students with visual impairments. I have 3 years experience teaching Braille and students with a variety of vision impairments. I love what I do and would love to help you with your Braille!

  • ... University of Wisconsin - La Cro...
  • subject Braille
Over 35 years of Experience Teaching the Blind and Visually Impaired

I am an experienced teacher of the blind and visually impaired with a Masters degree and certification in the education of the blind and visually impaired, special education and elementary education. I have experience teaching braille to st... See more

  • ... West Chester University of Penns...
  • subject Braille + 2 more
  • in a day or more
Professional educator at the middle and high school level.

Hello and thanks or topping by. When I am not educating, I enjoy time with family, video games, and music. I believe everyone has the potential to achieve success, all you need is support, persistence, and confidence.

  • ... Fuller Theological Seminary
  • subject Braille + 24 more
Jaime Garza Jr

3.3 miles away

Jaime Garza Jr. From Orange County. CA

Dear potential constituent,

Interested in this position with you & fellow alumnis.

  • ... DeVry University
  • subject Braille + 39 more
  • in a day or more
Piyush Choudhary

1.5 miles away

Bachelors degree in defence studies.

I have a Bachelors degree in defence studies. I've deep knowledge of physical education, spirituality, yoga, martial arts.

  • ... American InterContinental Univer...
  • subject Braille + 50 more
Lucas Rice

4.4 miles away

KSU Communications Major proficient in Braille, English, and Writing

I am currently a Communications Major at Kennesaw State University in my 4th year. I have a broad background in English and Writing, and am extremely proficient in Braille. I have been blind since birth, so Braille is as primary a languag... See more

  • ... Kennesaw State University
  • subject Braille + 6 more
  • in a day or more
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Benefits of Hiring a Braille Tutor

Many people turn to an app or a program when trying to teach their child Braille. Yes, technology is becoming more and more advanced but an app with never compare to a private professional tutor who can teach your child Braille face-to-face. If your child is going to want to be able to use Braille for the rest of their life they need to learn in a more intimate setting. Being hands-on and working with someone who has a proven track record is exactly what they are going to have to take advantage of in order to learn how to effectively use Braille. As we mentioned, this is not going to be a walk in the park for your child. They are going to need someone there with them rooting them on and pushing them past their expectations and achieve their goals.

When your child is paired with one of our professional tutors they will be getting someone who can teach them Braille and make sure that it sticks with them. This is going to be something that they are going to need to use for the rest of their lives in order to communicate effectively. You do not want anything getting in the way of your child’s future success which is why you have begun searching for “Braille tutoring near me.” They are going to need to work with a professional if they truly want to become fluent in Braille. Just like any language, this is not something that is innate in us and most people never have to deal with Braille. Everything has to be learned and it has to be done in the right way. You do not want your child to pick up any poor habits because that will come back in haunt them in the long run. To eliminate this possibility it is important that your child works with someone who knows exactly what they are doing. But not just someone who understands Braille.

Just because you know how to use Braille does not mean that they know how to teach others how to use it. But when you work with one of our professional tutors you know that you are getting someone that can do both. This is rare but exactly what we offer at HeyTutor. Your child is going to be able to use the skills that they have gained for the remainder of their life. This is exactly why you need to be working with someone that you can trust. If you are a beginner and picking up Braille for the first time you might feel overwhelmed. This is literally another language, but at the same time entirely unlike any other language out there. It takes certain skills to be able to understand Braille, but these are not skills that you are unable to learn. If you work with one of our tutors in a one-on-one setting you will start to see that your skills are becoming developed. It will be a fantastic feeling to see your skills continue to flourish after each and every session you spend with your Braille tutor.

They pride themselves on being able to help you learn no matter what level you start. In fact, most individuals who inquire about Braille tutoring do not know anything. They are starting from scratch. But after spending time with our tutors they start to develop a strong understanding of this language. If you want to teach this someday you are going to need to work with one of our tutors. They can help you in ways that you never imagined and supplement what you have been learning in school. The classroom setting is not the most ideal to learn something like Braille, but sitting down with a professional will be a phenomenal experience for you. There should be nothing holding you or your student back from learning Braille. We understand that there is a lot of pressure associated with learning a new language but we have a platform to help ease the stress of this task. You can either pick your own tutor or ask our team of professionals to do it for you if you are in a time crunch or just not sure of where to start. Let us help your child begin their new journey in literacy.