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by Danielle Chaffin
Greetings! I am so excited to share my enthusiasm for learning with you! I have 8+ years teaching experience, both in t...

I love to travel!  If an adventure arises, I'm ready to take it!

That's why I have so enjoyed teaching Chinese students to speak English!

Every day, I am transported from Texas across the globe to China, thanks to the power of the internet.  

In my online classroom, I guide young Chinese students through their English lessons and learn all about their culture too!

Using lots of gestures, repetition and excitement, we are able to communicate and learn from each other.

One thing I've learned repeatedly from my interactions with my students in China is that they LOVE pizza!  That is definitely a characteristic we share. :)

Check out my 10 latest reviews from my Chinese students; I can't wait to teach you as well!  

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