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by William Fritsch
The industry background of tutoring as a service has its roots at the dawn of civilization, notably with Aristotle as th...

MATHEMATICS AND LOGIC: Critical Thinking, Problem Solving; [MATHEMATICS] Calculus (1-3), Multivariable Calculus, Arithmetic, Applied Mathematics, Algebra (College, High School, Elementary),  Differential Equations, Math (Applied, Elementary, Finite, Discrete), Geometry (Euclidean, Non-Euclidean), Trigonometry, Pre-Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Mathematica; [LOGIC] Logic, Symbolic Logic, Modal Logic, Mathematical Logic

HUMANITIES: [ANCIENT STUDIES] Classics, Ancient and Medieval Heritage [RELIGION AND PHILOSOPHY] World Religions, Theology, Philosophy, Medical Ethics, Buddhist Ethics, Philosophy of Law;  [CULTURAL SCIENCES] Anthropology, Archaeology, Cultural Anthropology

LANGUAGE ARTS: [LITERATURE] British Literature, German Literature,  American Literature, World Literature, French Literature, Spanish Literature, American Indian Literature, Chinese Literature, Medieval Literature, Latin American Literature, Mythology (Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Mesopotamian, German); [GENRES] The Novel, The Short Story, Poetry; [WRITING] Writing (Creative, Fiction, Expository, Persuasive, Technical, Business, Analytical, Legal, Poetry), Essay Editing, Grammar, Proofreading, Editing (Copy, Developmental), Composition, Spelling, Vocabulary, Syntax,  Morphology; [ANCIENT LANGUAGES] Ancient Greek, Latin; [MODERN LANGUAGES] Spanish, German, French, Italian

SOCIAL SCIENCES: [HUMAN SCIENCES] Psychology (General, Adolescent, Cognitive, Clinical, Forensic, Abnormal, Research), Sociology;  [SCHOOLS OF THOUGHT] Critical Theory, Literary Analysis, Literary Theory, Psychoanalysis, Structuralism, Postmodernism, Postcolonialism, Hermeneutics, Deconstructionism; [HISTORY] African-American History, African History, European History, Islamic History, African History, World History, US Constitutional History, Ancient History, Medieval Renaissance History,

NATURAL SCIENCES:[LIFE SCIENCES]  Biology (General, Developmental, Cell, Evolutionary, Molecular, Behavioral, Neurobiology, Plant, Marine, Microbiology), Agricultural Science, Genetics (General, Molecular), Botany, Horticulture, Entomology, Ecology, Zoology,  Paleontology, Avian Science, Ornithology; [CHEMICAL SCIENCES] Chemistry (Analytical, Organic, Inorganic, General, Physical, Nuclear, Environmental), Biochemistry, Thermochemistry; [PHYSICAL SCIENCES] Earth Science, Geology, Materials Science, Electromagnetism, Environmental Science, Physics; [THEORETICAL SCIENCES] General Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Physics, Quantum Theory, Evolution; [HEALTH AND BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE] Neuroscience, Pathology, Pathophysiology, Anatomy, Physiology

ENGINEERING: Engineering (Civil, Environmental, Chemical, Biomolecular, Biomedical, Electrical, Genetics, Mechanical, Structural), Biotechnology, Biomechanics, Statics, Dynamics

ARCHITECTURE:  Architectural Design, Architectural Theory, Contemporary Architecture, History of Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Schools of Architecture; [DESIGN] Architectural Design, Landscape Drawing, Materials and Methods, Construction Technology, Environmental Control Systems, Architectural Drawing; Environmental Design, Neighborhood and Community Planning, Industrial Design, Structural Design, Site Design, Design Basics, Urban Design; Construction Methods and Technology; Landscape Ecology

GOVERNMENT AND POLITICS: Geography; Comparative Government, Government; Global Politics, American Politics, British Politics, Ancient Politics,  Political Science, Geopolitics, Environmental Politics; Civics

LAW: [TYPES OF LAW] Civil Procedure, Administrative Law, Constitutional Law, Contract Law, Criminal Law, Family Law, Intellectual Property Law,  Law, Legal Research, Medical Law, Property Law, International Law; [INTERDISCIPLINARY] Philosophy of Law, Legal Writing

MEDICINE: Medical Terminology, Medical Coding, Immunology, Clinical Psychiatry, Psychiatric Nursing, Psychiatry

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