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by Tynisha Lewis
Your success is my success! I am passionate about education and life-long learning. For the past 14 years, I have tutore...

A love of learning should begin at an early age. But, for whatever reason, some students get are delayed in seeing the importance of education. It could be a social issue where their parents were not encouraged to pursue great feats in education; therefore, as parents, they cannot give to a child what they do not have. Other children have a mental or psychological issue that prevents them from fully grasping AND executing the tasks necessary to complete tasks associated with learning. No matter what end of the spectrum your student may fall on there are ways to assist them in pushing forward into the exciting world of knowledge.  Here are some tips to help your student learn:

1. Use real-world examples based on items that your student likes.

2. Visiting locations where subjects are actually taking place (i.e. the zoo,  museum, or historical monuments/locations).

3. Offer positive reinforcements for a job well done. A little motivation never hurt anyone!

My intention is not to tell parents how to raise their children. I'd rather be considered as a glimpse of light, in what seems a rather long tunnel, seeking to help guide you towards an even brighter, brilliant future for your child. 

Tynisha Lewis, BA, MBA, JD

Life-long Learner

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