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Neil Bhardwaja

1.2 miles away

Undergraduate Student at ASU Studying Finance and Actuarial Science

Hi I'm Neil B! I am currently a junior at ASU Barrett Honors College studying Finance and Actuarial Science. I have tutored for around three years now, and I have experience tutoring kids ranging from the age of 7 up all the way through col... See more

  • ... Arizona State University
  • subject Algebra 1 + 14 more
Trevor N.

3.5 miles away

NMSU graduate with 1+ years of tutoring experience

I have over a year of experience in tutoring. I mainly tutored in Calc II and different chemistry topics. I also have extensive knowledge in other science relating to Environmental Science (air pollutions, geohydrology, etc) , and Biology.

  • ... New Mexico State University
  • subject Algebra 1 + 20 more
Kai Zhou

4.6 miles away

Ph.D, Technical Director

Native Chinese speaker. Lived in Beijing for 8 years. Positive attitude in work with keen attention to details. Willing to help you improve not only Chinese but also the knowledge of China.

  • ... University of California - San D...
  • subject Chinese
Brennan Murray

2.8 miles away

Licensed Attorney in Arizona

I am a newly licensed and admitted attorney to the UBE (I passed the 2018 February bar exam). I have a strong interest and specialize in writing, grammar and legal concepts. I work full time practicing civil litigation and do not have tut... See more

  • ... Arizona Summit Law School
  • subject Law
Bryce Davis

4 miles away

Experienced and Engaging Physics/Math Tutor

I have a Ph.D. in Physics from Arizona State University. I have 8 years experience teaching and tutoring undergraduate students of all experience levels (liberal arts majors, engineers, physics/chemistry majors). One semester teaching high

  • ... North Carolina State University
  • subject Algebra 1 + 22 more
Sarah Serfilippi

1.4 miles away

Current Master's Student at ASU

I am a current student at Arizona State University in the Master of Counseling program. I have experience working closely with others and providing assistant in academic fields. I specialize in psychology, humanities, history, and english/l... See more

  • ... University of Pittsburgh - Main...
  • subject Elementary Math + 36 more
Amanda Liu

3.5 miles away


Hi! I'm Amanda, I love to play piano so I've been learning it more than 12 years, and right now will graduate from ASU School of Music. I also have more than two years of teaching experience on it, the students are at the intermediate level... See more

  • ... Arizona State University
  • subject Algebra 1 + 10 more
Megan Jessen

3.3 miles away

Student at ASU who loves math, science, and kids!

I am currently a sophomore at ASU studying pre-occupational therapy. I currently work at a child care center where I teach ages 1-4. I have nannied for about 4 years and have experience with children with special needs. My best learning are... See more

  • ... Arizona State University
  • subject Algebra 1 + 20 more
Lindsay Delmont

1.2 miles away

ASU Student With Lots of Experience Working With Kids

Hi! My name is Lindsay and I am a sophomore at Arizona State University studying Speech and Hearing Science. I specialize in working with K-5 students on their reading, math, writing, and social studies. My mission as a tutor is to provide

  • ... Arizona State University
  • subject Elementary Math + 5 more
Erica Caldwell

2.5 miles away

Millersville University graduate with 2 years of subbing experience

I have a Bachelor's degree in art, specializing in photography. I'm currently a long-term substitute teacher, so I'm teaching every single subject every single day. I am strong in art history, photography, government, math, science, and E... See more

  • ... Millersville University of Penns...
  • subject Common Core + 32 more