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Found 256 AutoCAD tutors near me. AutoCAD tutoring

Betty Yeung

from Brooklyn

4.6 miles away

2D and 3D Modeling

I am a senior student at Pratt Insitute, majoring in BFA Interior Design. Through out my time at the institute, I have learned how to operate many 3D modeling software such as Revit, Rhino, and Sketchup as well as Autocad. I am more than ha... See more

  • ... Pratt Institute-Main
  • ... AutoCAD + 10 more
  • Very responsive
Edmond Kwok

from San Mateo

3.2 miles away

Experienced Mechanical Engineer

Hi there. I got my undergrad at UCI in mechanical engineering with a minor in material science and master's in battery technologies at SJSU. I have been working as a mechanical engineering designing electric trucks for the last several year... See more

  • ... University of California - Irvin...
  • ... AutoCAD + 15 more
  • in a day or more
Jacquewyn Chambers Martin

from Long Beach

2.1 miles away

12 Years exp. - University, Middle, High & Grade schools, Business Pro

I have over 12 years teaching backed by much experience as a researcher in Anthropology. I researched in Suriname, S. America, and in Pompeii and Pompeii and Herculaneum, in Italy. I also worked in to museums of the Smithsonian Institute. M... See more

  • ... University of Phoenix
  • ... AutoCAD + 62 more
  • in 3 hours
Christopher Stebbins

from San Diego

3.1 miles away

Professional with Design, MS Office, and English Writing Experience

I've been told by many that I am a naturally good teacher. I have a variety of software skills from my two careers in geography and landscape architecture, including Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator, the entire Microsoft Office S... See more

  • ... University of California - Santa...
  • ... AutoCAD + 22 more
  • Very responsive
Afsaneh Hekmat

from Austin

1.2 miles away

Master Degree in Architecture from University of Science & Technology

I have 13 years experience of teaching at University in Iran, and a very good relationship with young generation. I can help with architectural designing, Perspective, Sustainable design, Persian and Islamic architecture, drawing and drafti... See more

  • ... American National University
  • ... AutoCAD + 1 more
  • Very responsive
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Why You Need a AutoCAD Tutor

AutoCAD is a computer-aided drafting software program used to create blueprints for buildings, bridges, and computer chips, among many other things. Discover how AutoCAD is used by several professionals over a wide range of industries. Do you need to learn a drafting software? Working with an AutoCAD tutor can help give you significant skills you seek. Are you interested in working in the mechanical, architectural, civil, electrical, and electronics fields? Or maybe as an interior designer? An AutoCAD tutor can help you explore any of these options while learning the system.

If you are currently in school studying one of these majors you have run across AutoCAD and are familiar with the fact that “I need an AutoCAD tutor.” When you come to this realization you are taking the decisive steps toward becoming the student that you want to be but also the working professional. Not everyone is great with computers but that is not something that concerns our study skills tutors. What is most important to them is that you are committed to using this software and becoming the employee as well as the student that is within you. If you are struggling in the class that is going to carry over and you are going to have problems when you start working. You do not want to put AutoCAD on your resume only to find out that you are not as capable as you thought. Our tutors are capable and can bring you to the same comfort level that they have if you are dedicated to working hard.

Interior design is one of the many professions that use this program almost on the daily. Being an interior design major may seem like a fun and good time, you probably just wanted to start designing rooms. This is a huge component of the job, but it is also necessary that you are competent in AutoCAD. We have a vast pool of professional tutors which means we have tutors who use this program strictly for their job as an interior designer. Being able to find an AutoCAD tutor will allow them to be able to teach you from a frame of reference that you can relate to so that you truly see how important it is to learn this software. You might think this is something that you can just skim over and not truly focus on, just to get your grade and move along with your life, but that is not the case. You do not want to find this out when it is too late and you are working your dream job. It will be beyond your control at that point and you will be wishing you had found “AutoCAD tutoring near me.”

As an architect or engineer, you probably are fairly competent with computers. You know how important AutoCAD is but it may have gotten lost in the mix of your other classes which are just as if not more important. This does not mean you do not know how to use the program, but you may not be a master with it. You might understand it just enough to get your grade and prove your competence to a professor. The opinion of our professor is not going to matter when you hit the job market, you are going to have to impress your employer. They may be much more tough on you because if they are not it will make the entire company look bad. So to avoid any of these issues you need to get in contact with an “AutoCAD tutor near me” so they can give you the complete confidence. Not just the assurance that you are going to get a great grade but also the competence you need to use this software in your career.

Our tutors will show you how much this software can help you as you enter the professional world. Since they all have college degrees and most of them have working experience, what you will be taught will be lessons you will hold onto for the remainder of your career as a student and professional. A few sessions with an AutoCAD tutor and you will see that the HeyTutor experience is absolutely special.

Benefits of Hiring a AutoCAD Tutor

Going into a career where the job opportunities are endless and you truly enjoy what you are doing is the way to achieve true happiness. When you chase your dreams there are often unknown obstacles that might get in your way, in this case, that may be AutoCAD. Working with a private AutoCAD tutor can ensure that you are able to take your skills to the next level. AutoCAD is a program that allows you to tap into both your creative and technical sides of your brain so that you can visualize a project before it comes to life. We believe that each and every student deserves full-time attention to be able to develop his or her strengths and skills. So when you hire a tutor from HeyTutor they work with you in a one-on-one environment.

Struggling in a college course can feel awful. The more you miss out on in the class the further behind you will get and you start to dig a hole for yourself. This is not something that you want to have to deal with and the reason why you know you need AutoCAD tutoring. This is a program that requires a lot out of you as the program is only as strong as you are as a user. If you have no idea how to do something it will not function to it’s greatest ability. You may not be getting the most out of the program because you are getting so little out of the classroom setting. College classes are not as intimate as you may have become accustomed to while in high school. Professors do not truly care if you fail or pass and will not give you individualized attention. Our computer tutors will be able to fill that void.

The great thing about working with an AutoCAD tutor while you are in a college course is that their teaching style will be auxiliary to what you are learning in class. Our tutors will take into account what you are learning in the class, they will look at your syllabus and other class materials. They will then evaluate you as a student to see how you learn and from there they will create a lesson plan that will maximize your ability to find success. When they do this it will put you as a student in a comfortable learning environment because that is one of the main factors in you getting the most out of this program. If you are comfortable you will be able to retain this information and move forward with your class knowing that you have the background to pass. But it will also give you that same confident feeling when you start working. Because the grade is just the starting point, you are going to use what you learn from your AutoCAD tutor for the remainder of your career.

If you are learning how to use a program such as AutoCAD and looking for a tutor it is because you are enrolled in a major that you enjoy. When you want to do the major but find yourself not being able to pick up this program it is time to take a step back. You need to evaluate what it is you are doing, and you will see that AutoCAD is a program made for people like you. So although you are having struggles they are not something you cannot overcome. All that is necessary is for you to get the right tutor who can teach you and show you that this program can be fun. You will be working with this program for a long time so you need to see the pleasantries involved with AutoCAD. Our tutors can allow you to do this because they understand how important this program is as they work with it. Not just as a tutor but in a working capacity, so you are going to have a much better educational experience with someone who provides this point of view into the program.

Not everyone is going to be a natural with a program such as AutoCAD, and if that is you it is imperative that you work with the finest tutor you can find. At HeyTutor we have those tutors who can challenge you intellectually and help you see how useful this program is to you as a student and a professional. Let our company put you in connection with an AutoCAD tutor who can help you draw out your future.

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