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Found 200 Aspergers tutors near me. Aspergers tutoring

Misha Chada

from Austin

$ 100 / hour

Friendly Experienced Teacher who Guarantees Results

I believe first and foremost that education is the foundation of any nation, and that there must be a mission to make education readily accessible for all who desire it. In filling out my personal mission, I am all about evaluating, collect... See more

  • ... University of Texas at Austin
  • ... Aspergers + 114 more
  • in a day or more
Matt Vanni

from Port Orchard

$ 38 / hour

Spanish Tutor - Native (Argentina)

I am passionate about linguistics, I speak Spanish and Italian Natively, as well as 3 other languages (Swedish - Portuguese and English)

... See more

  • ... Claremont McKenna College
  • ... Aspergers + 12 more
Lisa Pirtle

from Azusa

$ 25 / hour

Cal State graduate Psychology/Social Work 3 years tutoring experience

I have my Masters in Social Work and my BA in Psychology. I began tutoring 3 years ago and have found that I love working with students in Primary grades, K-8 and some High School. I have worked with children and adolescents with disabili... See more

  • ... California State University - Sa...
  • ... Aspergers + 31 more
  • in a day or more
Patrick Mele

from Staten Island

$ 75 / hour

Ph.D. Student with 5 Years of Tutoring Experience

I am a doctoral psychology student with 5 years of experience. I have had over 20 clients and I am familiar with both mainstream education and specialized education (ADHD, autism, intellectually disability).
... See more

Radha C.

from Allen

$ 50 / hour

MD Candidate with 5 years of tutoring experience

Hi! My name is Radha! I graduate from the University of Texas at Dallas with a BS in Biology in the Fall of 2016. I have been an ACT/SAT tutor for 5 years and an MCAT tutor for 1 year. I scored in the 99th percentile on the SAT and the 97th... See more

  • ... The University of Texas at Dalla...
  • ... Aspergers + 87 more
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Why You Need a Aspergers Tutor

Was your child diagnosed with Asperger’s? Do they have challenges that you don’t know how to help them cope with, and overcome? Working with an Asperger’s tutor can really help teach you how to accommodate your child’s needs. No matter where your child is on the spectrum, we can work with them to learn behavioral skills, speaking skills, emotional skills, and a whole bunch of other skills that will help them to feel more comfortable in their own skin. Working with an experienced mentor with ABA training can help you learn how to work with your child in school, at home, and in social environments. Asperger’s tutors can help your child:

  • With socialization
  • Academic skills
  • Living skills
  • Oral communication
  • Learn a step by step process to become more independent with their hygiene

Benefits of Hiring a Aspergers Tutor

A great benefit of hiring an Asperger’s Tutor is that they help your child grow in a comfortable supported environment. Simple things like tying our shoes seem so easy and straight-forward to us, but some kids on the spectrum need a step by step process to learn these skills. We can create these processes and consistently work with them, while teaching you to do the same. Learning skills at your own child’s pace will help him or her to adapt and improve on their most challenging areas. Heytutor is here for you and your tutoring needs. Our tutors work to identify stress triggers and avoid them if possible. They work to prepare your child in advance for difficult situations, and teach him or her ways to cope. Finding an excellent and trusting Asperger’s mentor isn’t hard with us. We are here to make your life easier, and it all starts right here right now. Get the support you and your child need today.

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