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Kathi Woolsey

2.4 miles away

Experienced and Caring Tutor

Kathi has a Bachelors Degree in Special Education as well as a Masters Degree in Education.
She has taught elementary and middle school for 16 years and has taught as an ad... See more

  • ... Alliant International University
  • subject Aspergers + 42 more
  • in a day or more
Samantha M.

3.9 miles away

Speech-Language Pathologist, Certified Autism Specialist

I am a bilingual (Spanish) Speech-Language Pathologist working full time in a therapeutic day school. I have extensive experience working with children and adults with multiple disabilities including Down Syndrome, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, T... See more

Noelle Gibbs

2.8 miles away

Certified Teacher and Tutor with 15 years of experience

I am a 2002 graduate of the University of Georgia, where I earned a Bachelor's degree in Biology and Middle Grades Education. I have 15 years of teaching experience in the classroom and 10 years of tutoring experience. Teaching has taught m... See more

  • ... University of Georgia
  • subject Aspergers + 7 more
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Benefits of Hiring a Aspergers Tutor

A great benefit of hiring a private Asperger’s tutor is that they help your child grow while feeling comfortable and supported. Our tutors will create valuable processes to make your child’s life easier and consistently work on them with your child. Learning skills at your own child’s pace will help him or her to adapt and improve on their most challenging areas. HeyTutor is here for you and your tutoring needs. Our tutors work to identify stress triggers and work to avoid them while teaching your student how to do the same. They work to prepare your child in advance for difficult situations and teach him or her ways to cope.

Every child is different, but elementary school is typically not something that most children with Aspergers find difficult. The close-knit class settings are usually ones that they can thrive in. It is not until they begin to have to go to larger classes that the issues start to appear. An Asperger's tutor is well aware of this fact and can help your child prepare to take on this venture in their life. With the right guidance there is nothing that your child cannot achieve and in fact, once they get over the social aspects in college they will thrive in the classroom. But it is important to start somewhere and like mentioned no child is the same. Because of this your study skills tutor will asses your child and the situation that they are in. When they are able to figure out exactly what the issues are they can make sure your child knows how to overcome them.

A one-on-one Asperger’s tutor gives your child the focus and attention that they need in order to become the student that is already inside of them. It truly does not matter what the issue is, our tutors will be able to work with your child to get around it. By sitting down and identifying the problem it will allow your child to do the same. The most important thing is that your child is able to do this when they are alone and in school. The tutor will not be with them all the time and neither will you as a parent. So it is pertinent that the child is able to take what they learn from the sessions and apply it in the classroom setting. When this happens the tutor has done their job and your child will be prepared to take on whatever is thrown their way.

These will be skills that your child can keep with them for the remainder of their life. If they have college aspirations the class sizes are only going to grow so they need to be prepared. And the same can be said about going out into the real world and taking on their dream job. There is nothing that should prevent from reaching their goals, especially given the amount of talent that is within them. Our tutors really want to see your child succeed in this very moment and later on down the road. If they are using techniques that were taught to them by your tutor it will only be icing on the cake.

If working with children or teens who has Aspergers is a dream of yours you may be enrolled in college or trying to get certified. You know that this is not a game and the process is quite intense so you might be looking for someone who can help you get through it all. One of our Asperger’s tutors can teach you invaluable lessons that you would not learn in a course, as they have the real-life experience you hope to gain in your future career. This tutelage will be more like a mentorship as you are learning what you need to pass your certification but also life lessons that you will be able to use toward your job.

Finding an excellent and trusting Asperger’s mentor isn’t hard with HeyTutor. We have a large database filled with accomplished Asperger’s tutors that are passionate about helping you and more importantly your child. Let our brilliant team of reps put you in contact with a tutor who will truly change your life for the better. Nothing should be holding you back, check out our website or give us a call.