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Timothy Druse

1.5 miles away

Blackburn College graduate with over two years of tutoring experience

As an undergraduate student I was recruited by the English and Communications department to aid other students that were experiencing difficulties writing at a college level. I won the 2011-2012 Annual Creative Writing Award in the category... See more

  • ... Blackburn College
  • subject Art Theory + 33 more
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Carmen Wiley

4.2 miles away

Mills College History Graduate with 4 Years Tutoring Experience

I have a Bachelor's degree in Art History from Mills College and have 4 years experience tutoring. I specialize in essay writing--particularly with synthesizing historical events and grappling with difficult theoretical concepts. I believe

Alison Mctyre

1.1 miles away

Five years of experience as a tutor, and Academic Coach

I am an experienced educator, with five years of experience working with both school age, and college-level students; supporting academic growth, and executive functioning skills.

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Benefits of Hiring a Art Theory Tutor

Working with an Art Theory Tutor can teach you that art creates intellectual discourse, so much so that it can question and change the behavior of an entire society. Art is such a powerful influence in the world and learning about its power is intriguing. You will get a better advantage when working in a private setting about art’s ability to reach out to a person that shares similar feelings and experiences or does not.

Our art theory tutors are incredibly gifted and all of them have college degrees so they know what it takes to pass the class you are in. Sometimes all it takes is the help of someone who can teach you in a way that you are not getting while in the typical lecture hall. When enrolled in a course such as art theory you are dealing with a professor who has a set lesson plan that will benefit all of the students. This is not ideal for you if you are struggling with any of the material.

Also, these classes usually operate as an open forum, where students are able to verbalize what it is they want to say about each piece. This creates room for debate and a time for students to show how much they know. If you are not truly understanding you might find yourself being shy and not wanting to speak up. Even if you are not a person who is typically bashful, you are probably afraid of embarrassing yourself and saying something that is incorrect.

When you sit down with a tutor who cares about your advancement in the subject you are getting a unique learning experience. Our teacher will take what you have learned in the course and then explore the plethora of topics with you. This will allow you to be in a judgment-free zone where you can talk freely and get honest, constructive feedback. But you will not just be getting feedback from a friend or family member, it will be from someone who has years of experience studying art theory. So the assessment that you will receive will be one grounded in these credentials.

Art theory is a course that can be filled with information you have to memorize and that can be intimidating. But it is a class that covers art which is supposed to amuse and entertain even if it has a deep, important message. With that being said, our tutors want you to be able to enjoy yourself while you are learning this material. Unless you want to be an artist one day you probably do not think there is any relevance in your ability to articulate your feelings when it comes to art, but this is simply not correct. The majority of people who purchase and love fine art are not artists at all but they have a deep appreciation for it or the pieces they buy speak to them. This comes down to the fact that they have an understanding of art theory.

Art can be a long-term investment and if you develop an eye for it you might find that you can make a lot of money reselling any paintings you may have bought. Or you could one day invest in a film or an artist’s career. These are all investments that can have large payouts but only if you have the right eye. This eye you will be developing comes from the work you will have done with your art tutor. Even if you never actually buy or sell any art, being able to communicate your feelings in a comprehensible way be able to translate to several other aspects of your life. Or it can create fantastic dinner conversation while you go back and forth about a new film you have watched or a painting that just sold recently for an insurmountable amount of money. Art is culture and understanding it will only prove worthwhile for you in the long run. An art history tutor will make sure you have this awareness.

HeyTutor has hundreds of art theory tutors that can teach art as more than just a practice but as a way of life. Our skilled tutors share their passion for art with you while helping to reveal your own love for the arts. We work around your schedule and come to you, making your learning experience stress-free and natural. Work with one of our local art tutors today to start making an impression on the art world.