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Stephen Kipp

3.8 miles away

Forensic Scientist + Graphic Artist = Weird Combination

A self starter and results oriented leader with over 16 years of experience in Graphic Design and Forensic Science. Skilled at simplifying various design and forensic processes, helping people understand new concepts, and engaging people. P... See more

  • ... Weber State University
  • subject Adobe Photoshop + 2 more
Bruce Gilbert

2.3 miles away

Senior HTML/CSS/JavaScript tutor with one-on-one tutoring experience

I have a BA in Communications from Elon University and 20 years in digital communications. I know every aspect of front-end development of web sites and web applications and I am especially knowledgeable with semantic HTML5, CSS3, JavaScri... See more

  • ... Elon University
  • subject Adobe Photoshop + 3 more
Sarah S.

2.6 miles away

Art tutor

I’ve been tutoring off and on since high school. My personality is pretty laid back. Tutoring has let me meet so many interesting people, and I learn from them just as much as they learn from me. (By the way, I am on the right in my photo.)... See more

  • ... Savannah College of Art and Desi...
  • subject Adobe Photoshop + 5 more
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Benefits of Hiring a Adobe Photoshop Tutor

Learn what to do with your masterpieces. Adobe Photoshop tutors can teach you how to edit and manage your photography. Work with filters and create works of arts with a few clicks of a button. You’ll be amazed at how much you can do with a photo. You benefit from learning how every single moment can be shared with the world, in whatever artistic way you desire. HeyTutor has an array of insightful Adobe Photoshop mentors. Making a career out of something you are passionate about not only makes for a great happy life, but for a life full of success. Work with a skilled professional and get the best tutoring in town without emptying your bank account. Work with an online Adobe Photoshop tutor today and open up an endless amount of opportunities and new paths to network. What do you have to lose? Get on the fast-track to learning photoshop today.

It doesn't matter where you are in your career, our professional tutors are willing and ready to teach you what is necessary to work Adobe Photoshop. If you are currently taking a class and looking for a tutor, HeyTutor works in a unique way. The classroom setting is interesting, some students find major success while others struggle. It does not mean one is less than the other, it just shows we all learn in our own way. The good thing about working with our tutors is that they will work with you personally, figuring out exactly what it is you are good at and what needs work. Based on that they will come up with a lesson plan to push your weaknesses in Adobe Photoshop thus turning them into a strength. This will help you get that coveted grade you seek while also potentially unveiling a passion of yours.

If you are a passionate artist who needs to learn Adobe Photoshop our tutors work perfectly for you as well. Instead of enrolling in a course, meet with one of our tutors. They will teach you from scratch and based on your learning pace they will go as fast or as slow as you need. The most important thing is that you find success and are able to use Adobe Photoshop to enhance your art when you’ve finished your session with your tutor. Age does not matter only the passion to figure out this program so that you can become a much better artist or designer in your future. This is typically a fantastic opportunity for the working artist as you will be able to add another skill onto your resume taught to you by a trained professional.

Nonartists and students are welcome as well. If you just simply want to learn how to use this program our tutors will work with you and potentially discover a passion. If it is just a hobby this is a fantastic opportunity for you to take in knowledge that you would never get anywhere else for a reasonable price. And after your sessions, you will have a skill that is well sought after in just about every business in the 21st century. Our tutors understand the clients will be all over the spectrum but they also understand the power of Adobe Photoshop in today’s world. So although it may be a hobby, our tutors pride themselves on pushing students to bring the best out of themselves. Adobe Photoshop and programs like it has given us all the opportunity to take our art into our own hands. You may find that your hobby is actually a passion with the assistance of one of our tutors.

With this power comes the future and that lies within the youth. More and more kids are learning these programs in school, but many others are missing their potential. Like mentioned earlier, the school system is not for everyone, especially for children. If elementary, middle school and high school students are struggling with their Adobe Photoshop class one of our high school Adobe Photoshop tutors may be the perfect solution. They will help the kids truly discover the potential of a program such as this one and the possibilities that the kids have within themselves. Even if they are not learning these programs in school, there are several vloggers, bloggers, and photographers who are incredibly young and working with programs such as these. So perhaps you (or your student) can be the next big-time social media personality. Or you can be the next great visual artist. Regardless, learning how to use Adobe Photoshop with one of our tutors is a skill that is not going anywhere. So go ahead, search for a tutor in your area and sign up with HeyTutor to unleash your inner artist.

Most Recent Reviews for Adobe Photoshop Tutoring

Adobe Photoshop
Sally D.
5.0 Articulation
5.0 Proficiency
5.0 Punctuality

Sharon is an easy going tutor, perfect for my needs. She explains the task well and is patient with me when I miss a step. The PS software has been updated so many times over the years that she is a little behind on new available tools but I am confident we will learn them together if necessary. So far so good working with her.

Sally D. reviews Sharon Leigh Thompson