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Don Valentine

from Hollywood

$ 40 / hour

Bright U.C. Berkeley / McGeorge Law School Grad. 9 years of experienc

As a graduate from a top 20 university, U.C. Berkeley, I am qualified for all subjects K-12. In addition to my Psychology major, allowed me to train in the acclaimed Ohorton/Gillingham program. This background is great for students wi... See more

  • ... University of California - Berke...
  • ... Trigonometry + 26 more
  • in 1 hours
Arman Virabov

from Glendale

$ 40 / hour

Graduate with 5+ Years of Tutoring Experience

I recently earned my Bachelor of Science Honors Degree in Biology from the University of California, Riverside. My study skills allowed me to graduate one year early and receive my bachelor's degree at the age of 20. I am currently in the p... See more

  • ... University of California - River...
  • ... Trigonometry + 51 more
  • Very responsive
Tri Le

from Houston

$ 40 / hour

Tutor with affordable rate and patient teaching

I was a student myself and I found myself struggling to master many topics. My goal in tutoring is not to teach you the subject and move on. It is to provide y... See more

  • ... Texas A&M University System Heal...
  • ... Trigonometry + 38 more
  • in 1 hours
Julian Davalos

from Austin

$ 31 / hour

Let's Make Learning Fun, 10+ years tutoring experience

With over 10 years of hands-on, successful tutoring experience, I am confident in my ability and passion to being the tutor for you! I have had the opportunity to teach students who have been below, on, and above grade level. I have been v... See more

  • ... Texas State University
  • ... Trigonometry + 4 more
  • Very responsive


Anup Chandora

from Lilburn

$ 45 / hour

(9 ratings)
Georgia Tech Engineering Grad

My Background:
Whether it was being known as the "math guru” in third grade or my first-time tutoring another clas... See more

  • ... Georgia Institute of Technology...
  • ... Trigonometry + 61 more
  • in a day or more
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Why You Need a Trigonometry Tutor

“The study of angles and of the angular relationships of planar and three-dimensional figures is known as trigonometry.” Trigonometry has a lot of functions to understand as well as comprehending the inverse of these functions. When just looking at this type of math it can seem scary and difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. When you have a Trigonometry Tutor to help show you the realistic approach to math, it helps to wrap your brain around the little details and concepts in the background. Struggling with math is no fun, but a tutor can turn those challenges around and make them into exciting facts and ideas behind what really goes on with triangles and measurements. Just because math has been difficult for you in the past doesn’t mean you should stray away from pursuing a career in something with a math basis. Some of the real world jobs that incorporate trigonometry into the work on a daily basis are Architects, Radiologists, Navigator, and Surveyor. A strong background in math ensures a wide variety of different jobs and employers who will want to hire you for the skills you can provide. Technology plays a huge role in this massive need for math and science majors.

How is trigonometry fun?

  • It helps us find angles and distances
  • It is used in a lot of science
  • Found in engineering
  • Used in architecture
  • And even in video games!

Benefits of Hiring a Trigonometry Tutor

There are so many benefits of hiring a Trigonometry tutor. First and foremost improving your math skills and exploring new ways to solve problems. Private tutors take the time to sit down with you and find a way of looking at math that best suits you. You get the time and attention you deserve and don’t have to worry about asking to many questions and feeling judged like in a normal classroom with 25 or more student’s eyes on you. Your math tutor creates a safe place for learning and will work on the same concepts until you really understand them. Heytutor has a diverse group of tutors that can help you to succeed in math. They have backgrounds in math, teaching, college scholars, and many more great qualifications. Our site offers reviews from previous clients to help you in your decision making when choosing the best tutor for you. With so many different mentors to choose from you can make sure that your scheduling needs are met, and you can start with your tutor as soon as you would like. Avoidance will not help your grades, but our Tutors sure can!

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